Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Since I'm still on my self-imposed facebook hiatus I need someplace to post this so I guess I'll do it here! Come on Nebraska. Don't let Penn St.(and their dirty refs) beat you!! GBR! Go Huskers!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

After working 12 days in a row with no days off, the big guy is finally going to be home this weekend!! Yay!! Looking forward to high school football tomorrow night, the NE game on Saturday and a double-header for CM's softball team on Sunday! Hope you all have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


When kids are little they say such funny, cute things. As they get older the things they say aren't quite as funny as they start to be eclipsed by the "smarty-pant" comments and the sarcasm. Maybe that's just in my house.... Anyway, it seems noteworthy when your 7th grader says something, maybe not so funny, but surprising for sure. We were riding in the car the other day, CM in the front seat. (Sidebar: It is still so weird to have her sitting in the front with me.) All of a sudden she asks, "Mom, are we at risk for a septic disaster?" Little girl in front seat say what?? What a surprising question! I'm happy to say I was able to alleviate her fears by informing her that we are on the city's system and they handle all the emergencies and disasters (I hope!). Evidently on the gospel music channel (home of the approved 7th Heaven TV show that she likes) there has been a commercial showing a septic disaster. Good to know. I guess we will know what to do if it ever happens to us. (Sidebar: Did you know that there are more septic disasters now because of anti-bacterial soap? It kills all the bacteria that used to help contain septic systems. So, if you have your own septic system stop using anti-bacterial soap!).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


What a quick and busy summer and now we are back in the swing of another school year. Quite unbelievable actually.... Here's the recap: Broken ankle, reunion in Beaver City, 12th birthday party, vacation in Minneapolis, camp (for the 1st time) for CM, VBX for Cam, baseball, softball, art camp for Cam, Peschel family reunion (Sam's mom), Holmes family reunion, week at Grandparents house in Hershey, 8th birthday party, final fling at Mahoney State Park, fall softball, fall soccer and now here we are. 7th grade is hard. Why is it hard? Because there is no recess. Who knew? 2nd grade seems to be going great. Sam is still plugging away at his home away from home. I'm still doing what I do. Some of you might have noticed my absence from face book and yes it is true. I'm taking a break until after the election. This election is too important for me not to comment on and I don't feel I can do that freely on face book without harming some of my relationships. If you are interested in my political opining you can find me on Twitter or at my new blog. (Get a hold of me if you are interested in the address for that.) I will be back on face book though because I really do miss keeping up with everyone. So that's the update. I'm hoping to blog a bit more so check back again sometime!