Friday, August 21, 2009

10 reasons why.....

Don't get me wrong. We loved most of the things about our trip to Disney however after visiting both Disney and Adventureland within 2 months of each other I feel qualified to make the following declaration.


10. Even though neither the seniors running the rides at Adventureland nor the people running the rides at Disney seem happy in their jobs, at least the seniors occasionally will give you a smile.
9. At Adventureland you can bend over to tie your shoes laces without the fear of being trampled by thousands of crazed Mickey fans, many of whom are driving motorized carts and pushing strollers.

8. You don't have to take out a second mortgage to buy a meal at Adventureland.

7. After feeding your kids frozen lemonade and soft pretzels for 3 days at Disney (due to huge crowds at all the real food stands), they don't even ask to have either at Adventureland. In fact, I believe I saw a look of terror cross their faces when we passed the frozen lemonade stand.

6. At Adventureland the longest line we stood in was 10 minutes. At Disney World it was 2 hours.

5. At Disney World walking was like swimming upstream. (It reminded me of when my parents and I were at the Mall of America the day it opened....with 1 million other people!) At Adventureland we didn't have to worry about rubbing up against and sweating on strangers all day. We could actually move freely about. Even wave our arms if we wanted to!!

4. At Adventureland we could actually get a picture taken with a character. (Never mind that it was a mangy dog.)

3. Disney World 96 degrees, 100% humidity. Adventureland 80 degrees, 100% humidity.

2. At Adventureland I didn't have to worry about Sam getting into any fights with Europeans who, at Disney, were constantly cutting in the front of every line.

And the number one difference why Adventureland is better than Disney World.......
About $3,000 big ones!!


Jennifer C said...

This is Hilarious Sherilyn...LOVE it!:)

Erinn Nigro said...

I have to agree Sherilyn, we went to Adventureland last weekend & Disney world about 6 months ago. At Disney world I felt so much pressure, so much to do, so much to see SOOOOOOOOOO many people. Adventureland was like coming home to an old friend, no pressure, just a relaxing stroll around the park w/ some fun rides & happy kids. That was until at 10pm the last ride of the night, on the balloon ride where Jack tossed his cookies in a 360. I think the corn dogs finally got to him.

Nicole Crawford said...

you're funny sherilyn. #7 is my favorite.:)

Debbie said...

I've never been to Adventure land, but I do love Disney! Maybe some day you'll be able to go back when it isn't so hot and crowded. I know that will probably never happen, but maybe you could come with us some time!

Ryan and Katie said...

Sounds like we need to plan a trip to Adventureland next year! Disneyland sounds terrible!

Angela (I am Pooped) Stevens said...

You are such a trip! This post cracked me up tonight. Thank you for sharing your wit and your humor with me.