Sunday, February 24, 2008


You know you are too old to go to a (insert your favorite artist's name here) Jeremy Camp/TobyMac (formerly of the group dcTalk) concert when......

You walk into the Qwest Center through the main floor doors to see that they have removed all the chairs on the floor level. You anxiously look at your ticket and then quickly breathe a sigh of relief when you realize that your seats are not on the main floor.

You know a lot of people at the concert, most of them classmates of your 2nd grader.

You are relieved when the band plays a ballad so you can sit down.

You are the only one who holds up a lighter during the slow songs instead of a cell phone.

Before the concert and during intermission, as they flash text messages on the big screen, you don't even know what half of the messages say and certainly not what they mean.

You have to leave during the encore of the first act because you can not hold it any longer and you don't want to stand in the long line during intermission.

TobyMac body slams one of his band members and falls down and your first thought is, "I hope he is ok." instead of "Wow, that was so cool!!"

You are the only one in your immediate area who knows every single word, including the rap sections, of the song Jesus Freak (1995).

You are excited to see that TobyMac, who is now 43, does not jump, nor encourage the audience to jump for the entire 1 1/2 hour concert anymore, but instead does a lot of arm movements (including the roller coaster), which actually look a lot like the fist pumping of the 80's and you know you can handle that.

You can't find your car in the parking lot after the concert.

P.S. Actually, the concert was awesome. Although I will say there were some surreal moments of realization that we are really getting old!!!


Robyn said...

I'm ROFL!!!! This is exactly why I DIDN'T purchase tickets for the concert. LOL!! I'm too old for loud music. I knew it would take a big set of earplugs to be happy attending. And I'm old enough to agree that sitting for ballads is the best part of a show. :-)


The Horners said...

Did you see me jumping for like 10 seconds down on the floor? I couldn't take any more than that and ended up taking off my boots. How tacky and old people is that? Letting everyone smell my feet, but hey, I was a heck of a lot more comfortable. I was one of the old people looking longingly back at those of you with seats. Really, It was so fun! Katie

melanie said...

that's HILARIOUS!!!!!!! the sad thing is, some of those things were true of me when i was young. i just have never been a big fan of concerts. i like to listen to my music in the comfort of my own home--how old and fuddy-duddy is that!?!

Rhonda said...

This post is so funny. I had some of those exact feelings last year when I went to a Newsboys concert. Of course we were on the phone jumping and trying to keep up with the youngsters.

Glad you enjoyed the concert!


Holly said...

hilarious sher!