Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowls Commercials

WOW!! What a great Super Bowl. So many times we have watched and the game has turned out to be a dud. Not tonight though. Everyone here was rooting for the Giants so it is a happy household.

We thought it would be fun to see which commerical you all liked the best. I'm going to list our favorites but we want to hear from you. Post a comment and tell us which was your favorite!! If you want to watch them again go to my space.

Fire Breathing Man (Bud Light)
Head Bobbers (Pepsi Max)
Big Cheese (Bud Light) This was Sam's favorite.
Clydesdale Training (Budweiser)
Sleeping Badgers (Corolla)
Lizard Thriller (Life Water)
LADY WITH UNIBROW (PLANTERS)I'm putting this one in caps because it was my personal favorite!!
Justin Timberlake (Pepsi)
Baby (E-Trade)
Flying Man (Bud Light)
Carville/Frist (Coke) This would have been great if they would have had Rush or Ann Coulter with Carville.
Ben Roethelisberger (American Idol)

We will be waiting to hear from you!!!


melanie said...

we really liked the baby ones--both the spit-up and the clown ones. thanks for putting this together! wish we could have partied-hardy with you!

Rhonda said...

I liked the Bridgestone tires commercials. The first one had all of the animals in the road. (Squirrel, deer, etc.) The second one had a deer, Alice Cooper, and Richard Simmons. Those were funny.
I also liked the Planters commercial and the Coke commercial with the balloons. I love Charlie Brown and it was funny to see him finally get the break he deserved!
This year I think the game was actually better than the commercials.