Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sick Tuesday-Warning this is about Politics

I'm just distraught at the thought of McCain getting the Republican nomination. How can this party, a party that is supposed to represent conservatives, nominate a man (who won't be able to beat anyone-Does the name Bob Dole ring a bell?) who has turned his back on conservatives and conservative ideals at every turn?? He has never met a liberal idea he didn't embrace and he has consistently shown that he can not be trusted to vote for important conservative legislation. Yes he would be strong for our military, which is important, and I appreciate his military service to our country BUT he was contemplating LEAVING the Republican party in 2001. I don't know which is worse the scenario of him being the nominee for the Republicans or the scenario of Barack Hussein Obama (Is this really a possibility in a post 9/11 world? Please don't post and tell me that he's not a Muslim. I know he says he has a Christian background but it is still a little creepy!!) being the nominee for the Dems.

McCain and Hank (Jim Rome's name for Hilary) are basically the same candidate (only one wears a skirt most of the time). God help our country if the bumper sticker above is what our national ballot looks like in November. (Bumper Sticker courtesy of Matt Aho from Michelle Malkin's website)


Rhonda said...

You know I can't resist responding to this blog entry. That bumper sticker is funny, but sad, because it's basically the truth. The primaries are when people have the greatest voice to say who the nominees should be. It makes me sick when people don't vote or think they make a difference. The liberal media probably think McCain is the easiest candidate to beat. Why else would they be pushing for him? I say if a man can be judged by the company he keeps then McCain has some scary company. (Feingold and Kennedy to start.) I will be interested in the results tonight.
Thankfully we can rest in the knowledge that God is in control - even over kings and rulers. Rhonda
P.S. Here is my first election quote of the year:
"I'm still going to vote in November. I might have to hold my nose while doing it." Rhonda Holmes, 2/1/2008

Sher said...

Why don't you tell us all how you really feel Rhonda??? :-)

Rhonda said...

Don't tempt me or I might not be able to stop!

Robyn said...

I guess all we can do is to, 'Pray for Kings and men in authority' as the Bible says. I have to say I've never been so worried about the future of our country before.

I think I agree with Rhonda that I may have to hold my nose, too!

Jennifer C said...

I'm sharing Rhonda's quote with Galen...an equally distraught Republican!

melanie said...

finally, some politics on this blog!!! this is the sherilyn i know and love!!!! if you don't keep me posted on the "state of the union" who will???? thanks for your post.

Dorothy & Gene Beck said...

Sherilyn and Rhonda have both expressed my thoughts exactly. McCain is not a Conservative no matter what he says. Our nation is in a very scary time. What would we do without Rush Limbaugh to add some sanity to the political landscape? We heard McCain speak in person last year and he was just as hard to listen to then as he is on TV.