Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sam and I have not been very good about making our kids eat food they "think" they don't like. I don't know why. When they were little they ate lots of different things. It is just a battle we have chosen not to fight. I know there are lots of good arguments for doing it: waste not want not, discipline, starving children in Africa, health, money, etc. For example, I usually cut the crusts off their sandwiches if they want me to. I never liked the crusts when I was a kid and now I like them so I figure that someday it will change. In fact, Claremarie never used to eat her crusts but now she does. So, all this to explain that we have finally decided to tackle the project of introducing some new foods. This is difficult for me because I am a big texture person. I like the flavor of many fruits and vegetables but I do not like the gritty, chunky pieces sitting on my tongue. Give me apple pie puree any day but don't make me eat a piece with the chunks. When my kids have a hard time eating something I tend to just say OK. Anyway, Sam said that he always dreaded going to other people's houses for supper when he was a kid because he knew he would have to eat something he didn't like. We don't want C and C to feel that way so we want to expand their food horizons a bit. Right now you are probably thinking, "I wonder what they tried to get them to eat?" Saturday night it was your exotic apples, oranges, and bananas all mixed up in a neat little fruit salad. All they had to do was eat two pieces of each fruit and then they could have a brownie. (No, I'm not above bribes!!) What kids don't like these fruits? Both of them gagged and gave up having a brownie. However, this was not without tears. So tonight, I thought I would have them try Cole slaw. I'm picky and I like it so I was hoping they would be able to choke it down. Tonight the bribe was chips and salsa. They both attempted to eat it but then they both gagged and vomited on their plates, one right after another. Such a lovely supper experience. We have vowed to do this until things change. Their doctor told me that you have to introduce foods 10-15 times before they stick. It is going to be a long year!!


Robyn said...

Keep me posted. Maybe someday I'll try it out on the 10 and 6 year olds over here. LOL!

I will say that Andrew finally will eat a sloppy joe. That's only taken us 5 years of attempting. Nathan loves them, too and Rebekah loves the bun and smearing the sloppy part all over the highchair. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

In the meantime, I can't seem to find may fruits OR ANY veggie my kids will eat (because I won't count corn or potatoes).

I'll pray for you!

The Millers said...

I've always said I'm never going to be a mom who's cooking caters to "attitudes" of the kids. Funny our kids split down the middle, so some one is alway unhappy with what's for dinner. Our saving point is Ranch Dressing. If it can be smothered in Ranch, it might be worth trying.

We as adults are torn. My hubby doesn't like "different veggies" and I don't do seafood. Makes it hard to get them to try it when we're gagging too!

Jennifer C said...

Hilarious...and really makes me feel so much better about my kids. But, I honestly believe they grow out of it. Jackson went through a stage where he only ate 5 things (applesauce, grapes, chicken nuggets, goldfish and malt o meal) now he eats just about anything. It is just so darn frustrating when you are in the midst of it. Oh, and the vomit sounded lovely!!:)

The Millers said...

Hey Jen, I remember Jackson and the nuggets! Too funny!

melanie said...

sher--very impressive, especially considering the way you feel about puke! keep us updated on how it is going . . . we had to do the 10x (or was it more?) to get tessa just to drink milk. hang in there!

Robyn said...

Asking for forgiveness in advance.

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