Saturday, February 26, 2011

FIVE QUESTION FRIDAY...a little late

1.  Who is your favorite president and why?  (This question courtesy of Camden)

2.  What is your favorite thing about the circus?

3.  As I'm sitting here watching the flakes fall, if snow could be any flavor what would you pick?

4.  What restaurant can you go to and ALWAYS have a good meal?

5.  If you were Phineas and I were Ferb, what would we do today? (This question courtesy of Sam)

(FYI...I wasn't going to include that last question because it is hard and I told Sam that no one would answer it and he said, "No one answers your questions anyway except me and Rhonda."  Prove him wrong people!!)


When Little C got his spectacles last summer I knew they were going to be trouble.  I thought the trouble would be losing them or breaking them.  That's not it!  The trouble is remembering to take them to school. 

The child needs his glasses (evidently his eyes have gotten dramatically worse since July, as he recently failed the eye test at school....with his glasses on...but that's another story) and I usually remember to say, "don't forget your glasses" but some days I don't. 

Even though he is only 6, I believe that HE needs to learn to take care of his glasses.  He needs to be the one to remember to take them to school. (Dr. Rosemond would be so proud!)

But oh how my heart aches when I see him getting out of the car and I know he has forgotten them....again and I know how much he needs them and how much he will struggle throughout the day without them and how much I will worry about him struggling.  And I so want to go home and get them and bring them back to him and make everything OK......fix the problem. 

Hopefully some lessons are being learned from this little blip on the radar of life......

For him-A start on learning the life skills needed to be a responsible person in this world.  We all know what happens to kids who don't learn that lesson when they are young.  They learn it later and in a much harder way!

For me-A start on learning to let go.  If I can do it with these little issues, maybe it won't be so traumatic when the big issues (summer camp, college, marriage) come along.  We all know what happens to moms who don't learn that lesson when their children are young.  :-)

So, no matter how hard it is or how many times the teacher scolds me, I will persevere!  And by next year I pray this lesson has been learned by him.....for me I think it is going to take a little longer.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


So hard to believe that this little guy

Sam Park with Sam Lee in 1996
 is now this big guy

 who got to wrestle in the state tournament this weekend! 

Sam on the right
Good job Sam!! 








Friday, February 18, 2011


Well it has been a very busy, full week around here.  Can't wait to share some pictures and blog about it but am just getting ready to head down to the state wrestling meet to watch cousin Sam.  So for now the five questions will have to suffice.

1.  If you are a girl....did you ever have any interest in wrestling?

2.  I don't think many men read this blog but if you are a man reading this, how would you have felt about wrestling a girl?

3.  Did you have a great Valentine's Day and if so please elaborate?

And because Amy and Michael W. Smith put on such a great concert on Monday night...

4.  What is your favorite Amy Grant song?

5.  What is your favorite Michael W. Smith song?

Happy Friday friends!

Friday, February 11, 2011


We haven't done this for awhile so here's how it goes.....If you read this post you are asked nicely (required :-) ) to answer.  I would LOVE to hear from you!!  Happy Friday everyone!

1.  What is your favorite Valentine treat to give?

2.  What is your favorite Valentine treat to receive?

3.  Do you prefer to give sentimental or funny cards?

4.  Do you prefer to receive sentimental or funny cards?

5.  What is your favorite chocolate in the box?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ONE OF MY BFF'S.... coming to town next week.  I would by lying if I said there hasn't been a few estrangements but for the most part we've been in each other's lives for 20+ years. It's been a few years since we've seen each other but I'm sure it will seem like no time has passed at all.  She is a little annoyed that I can't come to her sound check on Monday afternoon (I told her Valentine's day parties at school take priority) but hopefully she will be over that by Monday evening and we can just enjoy catching up.  ;-)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


For the last 10 years or so we have been awakened in the middle of the night to MANY alarm calls from Sam's store. 
  • It has always been very jarring to receive phone calls in the middle of the night (since the worst phone call we ever received came then too). 
  • Sam has to get up and drive the 20 miles to his store to meet the police there.  I always worry that he will doze off, get in an accident with a drunk driver, or somehow get in the middle of the robbery attempt at the store.
  • Whenever we get these calls my heart starts beating so hard that it takes me awhile to calm down.  This usually ensures that I will be minus at least 1-2 hours of sleep for that night. 
  • And the worst part is that they have never ever caught any of the thieves who have set off the alarms.....


Finally, after all these years, last night they caught one of the thieves.  Sam was so happy, I was happy, even the Bellevue police department was happy (They have been trying to catch these guys for awhile!)  Finally some sort of payoff to all these late night trips.  We kind of feel like we won the super bowl today.  Now if they can just get the charges to stick....

Friday, February 4, 2011


Yes Debbie...I really took that picture of the hawk.  It was sitting right on my driveway.  Unfortunately it flew away right as I got closer.  The picture of him up in the air with that carcass would have been really cool but I didn't get it.

Now I think I'm being haunted by rabbits.  The night after the day I took that picture, we came home really late and there was a rabbit sitting on our front step.  Right by the door.  Just sitting there....waiting for me....and people think they are all nice and cuddly.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


They are Bugs Bunny. 
I am Elmer Fudd
They are kryptonite.
I am Superman.
They are Road Runner.
I am Wile E. Coyote.

In my ongoing battle against the rodent rabbits that live in my yard, I have tried the following:

Cayenne Pepper
Human Hair-(Gross but do-able)
Wolf Urine-(Getting desperate)
Rabbit Off-(Expensive and stinks)
Rabbit Fences
Ceramic Owls-(The rodents mockingly made their nasty little nest and had babies at the base of one of these worthless things last summer.)
Sling Shot-(Don't judge until you have had rabbits eat 197 of the 200 tulip bulbs you planted in your yard.)
BB Gun-(Go ahead and call PETA)
A Dog-(I think he was scared of them)
I even chased one of them around my yard with a baseball bat, which horrified CM as she had invited a friend over after school and they happened to be watching me. 
In my anger at the rodent I forgot we had company. 

I may have been going about this all wrong!!  When I came home from school drop-off the other day this gorgeous creature (some kind of a hawk I think) had swooped down and picked up his prey out of my yard!  Sorry for the graphic picture but to me it represents hope! 

I may have to start raising hawks in my backyard!!