Friday, February 18, 2011


Well it has been a very busy, full week around here.  Can't wait to share some pictures and blog about it but am just getting ready to head down to the state wrestling meet to watch cousin Sam.  So for now the five questions will have to suffice.

1.  If you are a girl....did you ever have any interest in wrestling?

2.  I don't think many men read this blog but if you are a man reading this, how would you have felt about wrestling a girl?

3.  Did you have a great Valentine's Day and if so please elaborate?

And because Amy and Michael W. Smith put on such a great concert on Monday night...

4.  What is your favorite Amy Grant song?

5.  What is your favorite Michael W. Smith song?

Happy Friday friends!


Sherilyn said...

1. NO!! I barely even liked to go watch Sam wrestle.

2. IMO...girls should not be allowed to wrestle boys.

3. Yes...I love my family!!

4. So is very hard to choose but if I have to pick my favorites are (in no specific order) Lead Me On, He Will Carry You, All I Ever Have to Be, and Love of Another Kind!

5. Again so hard but my favorites are Be Strong and Courageous, Let Me Show You the Way, and off of his new record Welcome Home.

melanie said...

i don't have answers to all those questions (i hear a baby crying) but i just wanted to say, i was interested to learn that zoe was taking wrestling at her "seasonal sports" class. i'm kind of proud that she has learned a few key "moves" even though i hope she doesn't become a "wrestler" per say!

Sam said...

1. not a girl, but as a mullet groovin' high school wrestler. I can tell you that chicks dig a man in singlet.

2. I did all through high school. Just kidding Joyce. I am with the kid from Iowa. Nothing good can come from it if you are the guy. Lose. Lose.

3. Yes, I did. Sherilyn made it fun for me and the kids and then I had a hot date with my bride and her BFRS Amy.

4. Everybody needs a helping hand or It takes a little time sometimes

5. The Stand

Rhonda said...

1. No.
2. (Don't think girls should wrestle boys.)
3. Valentine's Day was nice. I got to see some of my favorite people in the world.
4. This is a hard one. I like anything from the Age to Age album and the Straight Ahead album. Probably Angels, Thy Word, and Sing Your Praise to the Lord.
4. Again, this is tough. I am a big fan of Project II. Especially I Am Sure. I also like Healing Rain.