Monday, September 15, 2008


When Sam and I first moved back to NE in 1997 we decided to try and visit every town in the state. We can't exactly remember why but we think it was for three reasons:

1. We had heard about someone doing something similar to this in MN and thought it was cool.

2. Unlike most transplants who live here or people who drive across in the middle of the night, we happen to think NE has some beautiful scenery and some really cool little towns in it.

3. It was something to do to re-familiarize ourselves with the state after having been gone for a few years.

There are rules to our little adventure:

1. We have to be there together (Sam and I).

2. We have to actually spend time in the town either by buying something from the local store, exploring a historic sight, or by playing on the playground (This one is new since we had kids. No we didn't do much of that before kids.)

3. We have to take a picture of something that has the name of the town on it.

4. We will end our big adventure in a town called Parks (in the southwest corner of NE) for symbolic reasons of course and provided the town is still there by the time we get to it.

So on our way to our tanking trip, we spent one day visiting towns. We actually hit our 200th town that day. Who knew there are over 700 towns in NE? Anyway on that day we stopped in a little town called Nickerson. It is kind of close to Fremont. Sam was taking a picture of us by the town sign and all of sudden we hear someone yelling, "Hey, exactly who among you is a big fan of Ramon Janssen?" (As you can see by the picture Nickerson is his home.) We turned around to see someone else with a big camera headed our way. Come to find out he is a reporter from the Fremont Tribune who is visiting every town in Dodge County. He actually walks through each town to see what he can see, who is friendly etc. He was quite interested in our story but he didn't know if he could fit us into his article. Well, he did and here is a link if you are interested. He even has a picture too.

Definitely the most exciting thing that has happened to us on our quest so far. Well I guess there was the one time when my sister was almost picked up by the town drunk but I'll save that for another post.......

P.S. No, I'm not pregnant. I think my shirt just got caught on my fat roll!

P.S.S. If you think that picture is bad just be happy that the reporter didn't take a picture of me playing tether ball in the Nickerson park. Now that would be scary!!


Holly said...

what a cool tradition, adventure and goal for your family!!! way to go....and kuddos on the fame!

Holly said...

uh??? did you read the article?
I am dying laughing!!!
The dude made Sam sound like a grammar nightmare - sorry Sam but it did make me laugh
(for the record, it made me laugh in context - Sam does not talk like that and the rest of the article has rough grammar edges)

The Hofers said...

Cool Story and great family memories!

Robyn said...

Very cool! My mom is from Fremont so I'm familiar with the Trib. I'm still very impressed by your goal and Sean & I talk about it every time we have to pull off in the middle of nowhere to find a potty or change a diaper. Our last two pull offs found the only place open with a potty was the local park potty. :-)