Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just spent the last two hours watching actual footage from different, amateurs who were shooting in NYC the morning of 9/11. I feel like I've been through the wringer so I can't even imagine the horror those people who were there experienced or witnessed. The confusion and trauma, just so overwhelming........ 7 years seems like along time in some ways but when you are grieving 7 years is barely a drop in the bucket. The pain is still very real. Those families that lost loved ones still need our prayers.

Makes one stop and think and I'm just throwing this out there, not endorsing. Can our country afford to have someone as president who thinks that Iran is a small country, small problem to deal with? Can we afford to have someone as president who is going to negotiate with Al Qaeda and other terrorists? Can we afford to have someone as president who thinks that Russia and China are countries "who have it going on"?

Back to 9/11. That entire day I was obsessed with making sure we had milk. It was a very strange coping mechanism. That was shortly after I quit my full-time job so I was already going through a major life change not to mention that I didn't sleep for about 50 hours straight because I was so engrossed in the coverage. Even when I did sleep, I would dream that the trade center rescuers had found someone alive only to wake up and be so disappointed to find out it was just a dream. It was definitely a horrible day but one we can't afford to forget.

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Angela Stevens said...

I don't think a slept very well the first month after.

We had a television in our bedroom and we were glued to the news.

As the daughter of a retired military man, I was sure that the attacks were not the last.

I was waiting for more.

I enjoyed reading your post on 9/11.

Politically speaking I think you and I just might be on the same page with this election. ;-)