Saturday, January 23, 2010


January is really kicking my rear end this year. It is always something I struggle with but this year has been especially hard!! It really is all I can do to get out of bed, get my snuggie on and move to the couch. OK....I exaggerate a little bit but we have not seen the sun here in 12 days!! It is obscured behind the clouds, the fog and the gigantic piles of snow everywhere! It is one thing to suffer through January when there are sunny, blue skies. It is totally another thing to make it through this seemingly endless month when skies are eternally gray!!

In order to cheer myself up a bit I decided to do a little retail therapy today at Dillards (they are having excellent clearance sales!). When I finished shopping I had to make a little pit stop at the ladies' room. I hung my purse, two shopping bags, and a dress up on the back of the door. After I finished (I know...bordering on tmi!), I decided to wash my hands before grabbing my things. When I turned around to grab everything, the door had evidently locked itself due to the weight of my purchases. What a terrible time to be without my kids!! I thought about going out into Dillards and asking a child to come with me to the bathroom but that didn't seem appropriate. :-)
So....I looked at the floor and tried to gauge if I could even crawl under the stall (I'm a big girl!) and then had to decide if I even wanted to do that or if I should just leave my purse and bags there. After whispering a quick prayer of thanksgiving that this had happened at Dillards instead of Walmart or McDonalds, I quickly dropped to the floor and tried to scooch under the stall. It was actually a lot closer than I care to admit, but I did make it. The worst part was that I was in such a hurry to get off the floor, I raised my head too quickly and whacked it on a bolt on the bottom of the toilet paper holder. OUCH!! That's gonna leave a mark!! Anyway, rescued my stuff and de-germed as best I could and headed home.

In order to snap myself out of the doldrums I had actually contemplated going to fake and bake this afternoon. With my luck today, someone would probably have hidden a camera in the room, and be plastering pictures of my glorious naked body all over you tube.....think I'll just stay home under my snuggie and wait for the sun!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Whenever we leave the library, I have the uncontrollable urge to scrub my hands! In my mind's eye all the books are covered with creepy, crawly, pulsating green and black blobs. (Hey, I don't know why....that's just what I see.)

So does anyone else have the same reaction or am I turning into Howie Mandel?????


...of this little guy. After Christmas, his preschool class got to have show and tell and they could pick anything they wanted to take to school as long as it wasn't electronic. Show and tell is pretty special in his class since they only get to do it on their birthdays. Camden chose to take the new Bible his grandparents gave him for Christmas. I asked him if he was sure and got an emphatic YES as an answer. Unfortunately it didn't get much of a reaction from the other kids (I mean how can a Bible compare with a Bop It??) so he was somewhat disappointed, but Sam and I told him that we were proud of him and that seemed to soothe the hurt a little.

At fall conferences his teacher, Mrs. Larson, told us that Camden is her little evangelist. She even heard him one day trying to explain the Holy Spirit to the other kids. I would have loved to a fly on the wall during that conversation!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Camden made it home safe and sound and said he had a blast but that he probably wouldn't need to go again since it was so loud. The only negative thing that happened was that he was too shy to tell them he needed to use the restroom so when he got home he ran right in and barely made it.

Me: Did you say thank you?
Camden: No I said your welcome.
Me: Why did you say that?
Camden: Because they said thanks for coming.

Guess the manners need a little work before he goes out on another social excursion.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


...done something and then have major second thoughts about it?? Tonight I sent my sweet little baby boy off to see the Monster Truck Jam with people who I don't really know very well. These people have a son who goes to pre-school with Camden. I don't know the parents except for briefly talking with them when we drop-off and pick-up. The child really likes Camden and his mom really wants Camden to be in the same kindergarten class next year. When the mom called me tonight she didn't even know MY name. Yikes....what have I done? I fear my desire for Camden to be liked and have friends has drowned the common-sense parenting I thought I had. Claremarie would have never been allowed to do anything like that. We still won't even let her sleep over with her school friends.

Half-tempted to go to the show and watch my little guy with binoculars just to make sure everything is going ok.

I didn't think pacing the halls, waiting for a child to get home was supposed to happen until some years down the road....................