Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sam and I are so pleased to announce that both of our kids got 2 grapes each down at supper tonight with no vomit and very limited crying and whining!! A small victory but one that we are savoring!!


I'm not the craftiest person in the world although I would like to be, but I do try hard. Usually nothing I do turns out very well so I just live vicariously through my friends and relatives. I did make these cupcakes for Claremarie's school birthday and some treats for my MOPS group. They won't exactly provoke envy in anyone but it is pretty good work for me!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sam and I have not been very good about making our kids eat food they "think" they don't like. I don't know why. When they were little they ate lots of different things. It is just a battle we have chosen not to fight. I know there are lots of good arguments for doing it: waste not want not, discipline, starving children in Africa, health, money, etc. For example, I usually cut the crusts off their sandwiches if they want me to. I never liked the crusts when I was a kid and now I like them so I figure that someday it will change. In fact, Claremarie never used to eat her crusts but now she does. So, all this to explain that we have finally decided to tackle the project of introducing some new foods. This is difficult for me because I am a big texture person. I like the flavor of many fruits and vegetables but I do not like the gritty, chunky pieces sitting on my tongue. Give me apple pie puree any day but don't make me eat a piece with the chunks. When my kids have a hard time eating something I tend to just say OK. Anyway, Sam said that he always dreaded going to other people's houses for supper when he was a kid because he knew he would have to eat something he didn't like. We don't want C and C to feel that way so we want to expand their food horizons a bit. Right now you are probably thinking, "I wonder what they tried to get them to eat?" Saturday night it was your exotic apples, oranges, and bananas all mixed up in a neat little fruit salad. All they had to do was eat two pieces of each fruit and then they could have a brownie. (No, I'm not above bribes!!) What kids don't like these fruits? Both of them gagged and gave up having a brownie. However, this was not without tears. So tonight, I thought I would have them try Cole slaw. I'm picky and I like it so I was hoping they would be able to choke it down. Tonight the bribe was chips and salsa. They both attempted to eat it but then they both gagged and vomited on their plates, one right after another. Such a lovely supper experience. We have vowed to do this until things change. Their doctor told me that you have to introduce foods 10-15 times before they stick. It is going to be a long year!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


When I was in Chicago I had the chance to give a little presentation to a mom's group that Melanie goes to. I have done the talk (it is about intimacy and marriage) several times now and was feeling pretty confident that I could handle talking to a group of big city moms.

I was just getting into the presentation when all of sudden one of the ladies in the group starts voicing her disagreement with what I am saying, challenging me on some of the main points of this talk (We were talking about meeting our husband's needs.). Thankfully, I was able to stay calm and, with the help of Melanie, address her concerns. However, I did realize that I was going to have to do some quick editing if I was going to keep her interested in what I was saying. She was coming at this topic with such a different perspective and background than I was. She had a whole different set of values and beliefs. Later, I was trying to analyze why that surprised me so much. I finally realized that most of the people who I hang around with think the same way I do, believe the same things I believe, and for the most part have the same experiences I have. Yes, it is comfortable to be insulated in my safe little pod, but, as uncomfortable as I was during this experience, it was invigorating too, to get a chance to defend my beliefs and share them with someone who does not feel the same.

So, I guess I've been pondering....What does being in the world but not of the world really mean? Do we insulate ourselves and stick with birds of a feather or do we branch out and expand our horizons to include those who are our opposites? (How many more cliches could I put in that sentence?)

All in all, I will always value and cherish this experience! (I'm not kidding Melanie-I really will!!) Plus, this group has the best party favors and snacks!!! (If you want to know more about that you'll have to e-mail :-)

Monday, April 14, 2008


My manny was back on duty this weekend as I got to take a quick trip to Chicago to visit my friend Melanie. It was so much fun to get away and hang out with her (and her family-Thanks guys!). We even got to do a little shopping. So a special thanks to Sam for the idea to go and for taking over on the homefront for me. Helen (my m-i-l) also helped watch the kids too. It was a nice break in what has been and will continue to be a busy month!!

Dog update: His eye is pretty much healed and the cone is gone. I know some of you won't agree but no matter what their ailment, when a dog has a cone on their head it is funny!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


It has been an eventful week for us. First of all my manny (Sam), went back to work this week so that meant that I had to cook, clean and do all school pick ups and drop offs again. He thinks he gets depressed when it is time to go back to work....I think I can give him a run for his money. Estimate on how much a manny is worth..Priceless!! I could get used to that life.

Then on Monday it rained extremely hard here in the morning and by early afternoon we had water flowing freely into our basement. Not good. We knew there was a problem because when the snow melted we got some water too. The water is only coming in on two walls but in order to fix it we will probably have to put tile all around the basement. An initial estimate is $2,000. The company who built this home has come out a couple of times (even though we are no longer under warranty) to help us figure things out but it doesn't look like they will be any financial help with it. So now the carpet is all pulled up and everything is such a mess. I know this is just water damage on a small scale but it still is an unsettling feeling. As of right now the water has stopped but it is supposed to rain 3-4 times this week.

Claremarie's parent teacher conference was on Thursday and, of course, it was a good report. Although, for the first time, the teacher did say that Claremarie needs to work on talking to her neighbors less. On Friday, the kids and I went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day for zooing and we hit every building and exhibit except the lions.

Saturday, I noticed that Geordi's eye was swollen shut and kind of runny. Being not very experienced dog owners, we weren't sure if this was normal or if it something that would take care of itself or if it was something we could even treat over the counter. Sam called a dog person at his work and they said that anything with the eye should probably be seen my a DVM (that is a vet!). Of course this happened on a Saturday so that means the only place open is the emergency clinic (read at least double the cost!). We take Geordi in and find out that he needs a little surgery for them to even figure out what is wrong. They put him under and find out that he has been bitten by a small dog or a cat which is troubling since he is a house dog who is only outside in a fenced in yard. I'm guessing cat since they can climb fences and they are usually pretty feisty!! (All you people who told me that having a dog would keep cats and rabbits out of our yard were WRONG!!) Anyway, it is infected and had to be lanced and now we have to put hot compresses on it 3 times a day and give him medicine and all kinds of fun stuff. I do feel sorry for him though because he has to wear a dog cone and he has had quite a bit of trouble maneuvering it. He keeps running into my leg as he follows me around and he can't eat or drink very well. We are improvising.

So, if any of you actually made it to the end of this post. Thanks for letting me vent a bit. It feels better getting it out. Now onto figuring out what we are supposed to learn from all of these things. On the bright side, my little consignment clothing project didn't turn out too badly. I made $300.00. Almost enough to pay the vet bill. :-)