Tuesday, April 15, 2008


When I was in Chicago I had the chance to give a little presentation to a mom's group that Melanie goes to. I have done the talk (it is about intimacy and marriage) several times now and was feeling pretty confident that I could handle talking to a group of big city moms.

I was just getting into the presentation when all of sudden one of the ladies in the group starts voicing her disagreement with what I am saying, challenging me on some of the main points of this talk (We were talking about meeting our husband's needs.). Thankfully, I was able to stay calm and, with the help of Melanie, address her concerns. However, I did realize that I was going to have to do some quick editing if I was going to keep her interested in what I was saying. She was coming at this topic with such a different perspective and background than I was. She had a whole different set of values and beliefs. Later, I was trying to analyze why that surprised me so much. I finally realized that most of the people who I hang around with think the same way I do, believe the same things I believe, and for the most part have the same experiences I have. Yes, it is comfortable to be insulated in my safe little pod, but, as uncomfortable as I was during this experience, it was invigorating too, to get a chance to defend my beliefs and share them with someone who does not feel the same.

So, I guess I've been pondering....What does being in the world but not of the world really mean? Do we insulate ourselves and stick with birds of a feather or do we branch out and expand our horizons to include those who are our opposites? (How many more cliches could I put in that sentence?)

All in all, I will always value and cherish this experience! (I'm not kidding Melanie-I really will!!) Plus, this group has the best party favors and snacks!!! (If you want to know more about that you'll have to e-mail :-)


Robyn said...

OK--need to know about party favors and snacks. You know I'm all about the snacks!
Glad you were able to edit on the fly during your talk. Definately some points to ponder.

PS---Glad you're home now, too.

Jennifer C said...

I'm sure you did an incredible job. I would have loved to hear you give this talk. Good for you staying calm under pressure and deciding to be invigorated by it instead of frustrated. I admire that!

The Horners said...

One of my friends made a good analogy about being in, but not of, the world. She read about it being compared to immunizations. We get a small dose of the "bad" bug so that when our body comes in contact with it later on we have built up immunity against it. Too much of a vaccine can actually produce fever, body aches or even some of the infection (like chicken pox). The amount of vaccine is a fixed dose and yet some kids still get some of the physical manifestations of the disease.

Same thing with our kids (and us for that matter). Too much of the world makes us begin to look like the world, and that "dose" of the world is going to be different for different personality types.

For example, Hallie is VERY sensitive to anything she watches. She talks about it and internalizes everything. I need to be very careful what her eyes see to guard her heart. (ie. the wolves on Beauty and the Beast are pretty terrifying to her).

So, that was long-winded..but I thought it was good when I heard it.

melanie said...

sherilyn did an awesome job. she was put in a challenging situation and she didn't even flinch, sweat or start crying!! i was so proud to introduce her to my new chicago friends. and it was also an experience i think neither of us will ever forget!!

(thanks for putting into words why i have been enjoying this new MOPS group so much.)