Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My sister likes Elvis.  She was only about 5 when he died but for some reason she has been a fan of his for quite awhile.  For her BIG birthday (yes...she is a member of the club now), my parents hired an Elvis impersonator to come and do a little show.  I thought it would be cute to have Camden dress up like Elvis too as he loves costumes.  We really wanted him to sing but he seemed kind of scared to do that so we didn't push him.  However, one night I did teach him the words to the song Teddy Bear just in case he changed his mind.

Since I am of little value when it comes to sewing, I enlisted the help of my very talented cousin Jerryl to whip up a costume for him.  She, along with my other cousin Joye, sewed and bedazzled the cutest little thing you ever did see.  It even has a cape.  So adorable!!!

Camden was quite thrilled with his costume and I think a bit of Elvis was reincarnated in him when he put it on, as all of a sudden he wanted to sing.  The Elvis impersonator was very nice and let Cam come up and sing with him on Teddy Bear.  As a very biased audience, I have to say it was about the sweetest thing ever and amazing as well as he didn't really know the words that well. 

The bummer of the situation is that I can't upload the video Sam took of the whole song due to some extension file issues (very frustrating!!) but I do have just a few clips that will give you an idea of what you missed! :-)

Friday, October 22, 2010


The kiddos are at my parents for 4 days so I decided I needed to spruce this place up with some paint.  Because Dave Ramsey is of the opinion that I don't need to buy new furniture at this point in time, I had to pick colors that match/complement my dark plum colored couch and chair and my wonderful yellow chair (yes...some of you are acquainted with yellow chair!).  Now it has never been said that I'm scared to use color in my house.  I just can't have a tan house.  (No offense to you tan house people.)  Just can't do it!!  I need me some color!  So.....I picked....get ready.....fling green which is an aqua/teal color and stonehenge gray, a tan/gray color.  Trust me...the faces you are making right now can't be any worse than the face Sam made when he first saw them on the wall!! 

I'm halfway done with the first coat and surprisingly enough I'm having some very sentimental issues with painting over the denim blue and pale yellow walls. 

First of all I have LOVED the blue walls.  I always thought they were so pretty...maybe not what anyone else would pick, but I have really liked them.  Sniff....

Secondly, for the last six years many pictures of my kids were taken in front of those walls.  Pictures of accomplishments, first days of school, cute outfits, etc.  Small sob....

And finally, there have been an infinite number of times that I've been frustrated with the hand prints and scuffs on these walls.  However, today as I cover up little C's  hand prints or the marks that CM's sticky octopus made on them, I'm surprisingly sad.  Big sob and small tear....

Sometimes I'm such a girl!!

P.S.  Pictures later!! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Taking the little guy to his first Husker game

Going on a bus limo with our school friends for pizza
(thanks to Mom's hard work on the magazine fundraiser!)

Playing center for his flag football team

Helping our Aunt Rhonda celebrate her BIG birthday

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Favorite place to go in your house:  Coloring at the table or playing Wii with Dad
Favorite place to go in the community:  Ted and Wally's for ice cream
Favorite food:  Corn dog
Favorite song:  Mighty to Save and Music's in my Soul
Favorite toy:  Scooby Doo action figures
Favorite movie:  Scooby Doo