Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Every Christmas I'm tempted to buy a chia pet for someone. Usually the price deters me but I have to admit I've always been fascinated by them. However, I think I have finally put my chia pet fixation to rest as I'm watching Sam's hair grow out. It is odd to see a little more each day. It grows so fast sometimes I think I can actually see it moving. We are at the point now where he has to make a decision on whether to keep shaving it or not. He is thinking he will keep shaving it until his friend is done with treatment. (By the way if you think about it please pray for Clarence and his family.)

For some reason the shaving of the head is just really freaking me out. It is not that I don't like the look or that I don't admire why he did it. It is just a puzzle to me. Am I so resistant to change that something as superficial as hair can totally throw me off my game? Camden said he would give me a prize if I rubbed Sam's head so I finally broke down and did that (the prize was a toy from his room). Sam did tell me last night that his head is really cold all the time. I didn't realize hair (he didn't really have that much to begin with) made that much of a difference.

So all you armchair therapists, pull out your couches and start analyzing...................

Thursday, March 19, 2009


If you like Christian fiction (I'm not scared to admit it...some CF books are really good. I don't care if you think I'm intellectually inferior because I read it!!!) then you should try this quirky new series (The Fairlawn Series) by Angela Hunt. It is about a lady who inherited a funeral home. She learns all about the business and the stories come from that along with her own personal issues. This will sound morbid but one of the things I like about these books is that the issue of death is addressed and dealt with. Life is messy and in this series everything doesn't get wrapped up in a neat little package by page 300. Book 1 is Doesn't She Look Natural. Book 2 is She Always Wore Red. Book 3 is She's In A Better Place. I don't know if there are going to be more. I hope so!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


OK. Sam's new look is not due to a mid-life crisis but rather because he is supporting one of his employees who has cancer. The kids are enjoying rubbing it and trying to get me to rub it too.

We had a very nice time on Friday night. We ate at Brother Sebastians (mini review: Atmosphere was awesome and food was just ok.) and then came back here and had cake and presents. It was pretty much a celebration weekend.

I was just glad last week finally came to an end!! We had some problems at school with one of our kids which led to lots of tears (both of us), parent phone calls, teacher phone calls and apologies. (Don't think the worst here. It was just our first time to experience all of these things. I'm sure there will be more.) There was such a sense of disappointment that a child, who knows right from wrong, made a bad decision. It is SO hard to watch your own child suffer the consequences of a bad choice. But, it reminded me again about how much God teaches me through this adventure in parenting. I make bad choices all the time and I'm sure God is disappointed in me but He still wraps His arms of love around me, just as I did with my baby. I know God commanded us to be fruitful and multiply to fill the earth but sometimes I think He wants us to have kids so that he can sit back and say, "Now you know what you do to me, every minute of every day." A lot was learned by both child and parent so some good did come of it!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I guess it's better than getting a sports car.....

Friday, March 13, 2009


Today Sam finally grows up and moves into his 40's!! Since we are not a family who toasts (just doesn't quite seem the same with diet coke), I thought I would try my hand at it here. So, here's to Sam:

You are my best friend and while I love my girlfriends, I am just as happy spending time with you!! You make the bad times bearable and you make the happy times amazing!! There's no one else I would rather be journeying this life with than you, the person God picked for me and for our children. Here's to 40 more wonderful years!! I love you! Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Said to my children last night at Dillards, "Are you kids out shopping with your Grandma?" Come on people (especially people working as sales clerks in stores where I might buy something!)! Start with asking if the kids are with their mom first. You can always work up to Grandma and no Grandma is going to be offended if they are called the mom. A little unsolicited advice: ALL MOMS ARE OFFENDED WHEN ASKED IF THEY ARE THEIR CHILDREN'S GRANDMA!!! Since this is the 3rd time this has happened to me, I'm now past the point of being polite about it. After I told the lady that these were my kids she asked how I was doing and I said, "I was doing pretty good until I got called a Grandma." Couldn't help it and couldn't hold it in.


There has been some progression in Camden's career path over the last two weeks. Last week we couldn't leave the house because he had to finish the book he was writing. An author?? That sounds a little better.

Last night he said that he has decided to become a head coach. Of what he doesn't know yet.

The career pathing continues.......................

Monday, March 2, 2009


Sherilyn-Down 2 pounds and worked out 4 times.

Sam-Up a little bit (but he did have a lot of food obstacles this week!) and worked out 2 times.