Monday, March 16, 2009


OK. Sam's new look is not due to a mid-life crisis but rather because he is supporting one of his employees who has cancer. The kids are enjoying rubbing it and trying to get me to rub it too.

We had a very nice time on Friday night. We ate at Brother Sebastians (mini review: Atmosphere was awesome and food was just ok.) and then came back here and had cake and presents. It was pretty much a celebration weekend.

I was just glad last week finally came to an end!! We had some problems at school with one of our kids which led to lots of tears (both of us), parent phone calls, teacher phone calls and apologies. (Don't think the worst here. It was just our first time to experience all of these things. I'm sure there will be more.) There was such a sense of disappointment that a child, who knows right from wrong, made a bad decision. It is SO hard to watch your own child suffer the consequences of a bad choice. But, it reminded me again about how much God teaches me through this adventure in parenting. I make bad choices all the time and I'm sure God is disappointed in me but He still wraps His arms of love around me, just as I did with my baby. I know God commanded us to be fruitful and multiply to fill the earth but sometimes I think He wants us to have kids so that he can sit back and say, "Now you know what you do to me, every minute of every day." A lot was learned by both child and parent so some good did come of it!!


Jane said...

How right you are about God and Him loving us even when we make poor choices. Sometimes the best way to learn is to make the wrong choice first. How nice of Sam to support his friend. There was a gal here in McCook that just died after a long battle with cancer. She is 6 months older than me. We share a lot of friends so were often to the same events. I feel so sorry for her son and family. He will graduate from high school in May. Hope this week is going better!

melanie said...

first off: i love the new look for sam! wish i could see it in person. what a thoughtful guy!

second, sorry it was such a bad week for ya'll. we have been dealing with some weird friend issues here. it is hard for me to know how much to get involved. i hope this week is better!