Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Every Christmas I'm tempted to buy a chia pet for someone. Usually the price deters me but I have to admit I've always been fascinated by them. However, I think I have finally put my chia pet fixation to rest as I'm watching Sam's hair grow out. It is odd to see a little more each day. It grows so fast sometimes I think I can actually see it moving. We are at the point now where he has to make a decision on whether to keep shaving it or not. He is thinking he will keep shaving it until his friend is done with treatment. (By the way if you think about it please pray for Clarence and his family.)

For some reason the shaving of the head is just really freaking me out. It is not that I don't like the look or that I don't admire why he did it. It is just a puzzle to me. Am I so resistant to change that something as superficial as hair can totally throw me off my game? Camden said he would give me a prize if I rubbed Sam's head so I finally broke down and did that (the prize was a toy from his room). Sam did tell me last night that his head is really cold all the time. I didn't realize hair (he didn't really have that much to begin with) made that much of a difference.

So all you armchair therapists, pull out your couches and start analyzing...................


Robyn said...

I won't analyze you because I'm also thrown off by the little things. I get it.

However, I will warn you that Sean's boss discovered that Ceasar Salad dressing kills chia pets. Be aware!!!

The boss had her mom over and mom opened a package of ceasar dressing from a fast food place and it went all over the chia pet. The plant died in minutes.

Nicole said...

You crack me up! Maybe Camden could keep a prize box to help you get past all your phobias.

Jenny said...

Shoot, and here I thought you had actually acquired a chia pet! I've also wanted one since high school I think.

As for the bald head...outgrowth is ickier than a smooth dome. If Sam decides to keep it, he'll have to get a Head Blade!