Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve.....

A day off from school and therefore a day free from routines and schedules,
making turkey cookies with the kids and we all survived,
a husband who agreed to stop his busy black Friday preparations and pick out some new lights for our Christmas tree,
neighbor kids who my own kids love playing with and spent an hour today at the park with,
a car with 125,000 miles on it that is still running,
a new pair of very comfy pajamas,
crab dip, berry-glazed chocolate cake, and cream puff dessert for tomorrow,
a fall that has been filled with beautiful light and lots of color,
Sixty degree weather in November,
an extended family whom I love,
the anticipation of spending Thanksgiving with some of them,
my in-laws who are so good to me,
my parents and sister who put up with me,
the man who I get to share my life with,
the kids who I get to hug and kiss and love on,
and most of all the love and grace of my Heavenly Father.

For all these things I give thanks (and this is just today's list!).


Friday, November 18, 2011


1.  Regis Philbin.....I will miss you or Good riddance??

2.  Christmas shopping....I'm done, I'm 1/2 done or I haven't started??

3.  Twilight books....Definitely read or Don't bother??

4.   Christmas Tree....Before Thanksgiving or After Thanksgiving??

5.   Cell Phone....Should an 11 year old tween have one or not??

Have a great weekend!!  GO BIG RED!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A SLOW FALL and BIG & TALL......

There hasn't been much blogging getting done around here this fall as I have been out enjoying the beauty and the cold and the darkness of fall (Yes...that was sarcasm!).  Hey at least I tried.  I will concede that the light and the sunsets and sunrises and leaves have been beautiful over the last few months.  But now it is time now to hunker down......

Anyhoo, my topic today is Big and Tall t-shirts.......
If you know me you know I'm married to a big guy!  For his t-shirts to fit correctly I usually have to buy them in the big and tall section.  My question is this.  Why can't big and tall clothes be normal?  I look at the regular t-shirts and they are just plain colors, sometimes with a bit of a cute design on them.  And then I look over at the big and tall and see things like this on the t-shirt.

"Congratulate me.  I used to be anorexic."

Or how about this classic.

A t-shirt with a picture of two thumbs pointing to the wearer saying, "This guy needs a beer."

Or the ever popular

"I have a six pack" with a picture of a six pack of beer on it. 


I just want to buy a normal t-shirt!!

Friday, November 4, 2011


1.  What is one thing that you regularly buy that you have noticed is now more expensive?

2.  What is one thing that you have changed as a result of the economy?

3.  What is one thing you buy less of in order to save more?

4.  What is your "go to" meal at the end of your shopping cycle when the cupboards are a little bare?

5.  What treats did you give out to trick or treaters this year?

Have a great weekend!!  Go Huskers!!