Friday, November 18, 2011


1.  Regis Philbin.....I will miss you or Good riddance??

2.  Christmas shopping....I'm done, I'm 1/2 done or I haven't started??

3.  Twilight books....Definitely read or Don't bother??

4.   Christmas Tree....Before Thanksgiving or After Thanksgiving??

5.   Cell Phone....Should an 11 year old tween have one or not??

Have a great weekend!!  GO BIG RED!!


The Farmer's Wife said...

1. I will miss him
2. Haven't started
3. Don't bother
4. After Thanksgiving
5. Cell phone or Smartphone??? That is a hard one. I know of grade schoolers here that have them....crazy, but it is nice to get a hold of them when you need too.

Anonymous said...

1. I think it was time for him to retire.

2. Started, but just barely.

3. I read the first three. They became too far fetched for me.

4. After

5. No, most parents I know agree that even jr. high is too early for a cell phone. Some bad stuff can be avoided by waiting.

Anonymous said...

1. First Oprah, now Regis. What next they cancel The View?

2. I bought my first present tonight.

3. Don't care for the vampire stories.

4. Sooner the better.

5. I lean towards no, but can see some advantages to her having one. Have you ever thought about a dog instead?

Rhonda said...

1. I will miss you.
2. I have a few things already.
3. Don't bother.
4. After Thanksgiving
5. I think an 11 year old could be responsible with one. You could get a model she could call and text on but maybe one without the internet.

beth said...

1. I will miss him.
2. I haven't started.
3. Don't bother.
4. After
5. No.

Ryan and Katie said...

1. No opinion, don't watch
2. Two presents, but so much to shop for it's like I haven't started.
3. Don't bother
4. Usually after, but a few decorations start popping up before.
5. Cell phone! No, your daughter didn't call me to get me to write this! I'm thinking no internet access and the feature where you can read all the texts.

Angie said...

1. I never watched the show, but he was an icon that will be missed.

2. I am 1/2 done and working on the other 1/2. I LOVE to do my Christmas shopping online. I can almost always find free shipping or some other kind of coupon.

3. I don't bother (not my type).

4. After Thanksgiving unless it works better to put it up before.

5. I think it depends on if the parents feel it would be beneficial or if they are just getting it because the kid wants one.

Divapalooza said...

1. I don't watch that one
2. I haven't started yet
3. I have no clue
4. After
5. No

Divapalooza said...

I just went back and re-read all my responses. I promise y'all I'm not as pessimistic as I sound. LOL. :]

melanie said...

1. it won't be the same without him (but i don't watch any more so i won't really miss him).
2. 2/3? feels good to have at least started...
3. i'll let you know...i plan on reading them soon.
4. before, if possible (bill's been too busy to get it done so this year will be after).
5. maybe one of those kid (disney?) ones that only calls home?

Holly said...

1. um, not a huge fan and yet it was still sad to hear about.
2. started but not done...almost though!
They were good. Real good. Find your inner teenager and go with it! (those and the Hunger Games)
4. after, but I've been sooo tempted to do it earlier this year!
5. too soon - way too soon.

Nicole Crawford said...

1.Miss him!!!!
2. Haven't started.
3. Since I'm trying to give you the books I'll have to go with definitely read - they're fun!
4. After Thanksgiving.
5. I think it just depends on the kid. Definitely in middle school. I need contact.

Jane said...

1. I know he will be missed.
2. 1/2 done now
3. Haven't read them.
4. After Thanksgiving
5. no. Although some of my students have them for when they go to noncustodial parents in situations that are iffy at best. I think peer pressure is just too much, even for responsible kids.

Clarebear said...

1.I don't really care about Regis
2.All done
3. Don't want to read those
4. After Thanksgiving
5.Yes a 11 year old should be able to get on expesialy me cause I am responsible.
P.S. I like dogs to!!