Sunday, January 8, 2012


When a little boy loses his two front teeth before Christmas, the inevitable happens.......

Learning this song was his gift to everyone this year!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Here's what I'm going to remember from Christmas 2011....

due to watching so many suffer, true focus on the things that matter (even if that meant letting some cherished traditions go),
hearing my sweet son sing, in a clear, loud voice, the Christmas carols at our Christmas Eve service,
a relaxed night on Christmas Eve with my 3 most treasured gifts,
the lovely Christmas cards we got from so many of you-thanks for not taking us off your lists!!,
the fun and thoughtfulness of the 12 days of Christmas gifts my hubby bestowed on me,
a daughter who is growing up so quickly and was our chief present wrapper this year,
a Christmas Day prayer that earned a standing ovation,
a Christmas Day sing-a-long with accompaniment by a guitar and a saxophone,
games, popcorn balls, and TONS of laughs during our Hershey celebration,
a heartfelt prayer to usher in 2012.

Cherished times.
Cherished memories.
Cherished people.

Happy New Year!