Saturday, February 26, 2011


When Little C got his spectacles last summer I knew they were going to be trouble.  I thought the trouble would be losing them or breaking them.  That's not it!  The trouble is remembering to take them to school. 

The child needs his glasses (evidently his eyes have gotten dramatically worse since July, as he recently failed the eye test at school....with his glasses on...but that's another story) and I usually remember to say, "don't forget your glasses" but some days I don't. 

Even though he is only 6, I believe that HE needs to learn to take care of his glasses.  He needs to be the one to remember to take them to school. (Dr. Rosemond would be so proud!)

But oh how my heart aches when I see him getting out of the car and I know he has forgotten them....again and I know how much he needs them and how much he will struggle throughout the day without them and how much I will worry about him struggling.  And I so want to go home and get them and bring them back to him and make everything OK......fix the problem. 

Hopefully some lessons are being learned from this little blip on the radar of life......

For him-A start on learning the life skills needed to be a responsible person in this world.  We all know what happens to kids who don't learn that lesson when they are young.  They learn it later and in a much harder way!

For me-A start on learning to let go.  If I can do it with these little issues, maybe it won't be so traumatic when the big issues (summer camp, college, marriage) come along.  We all know what happens to moms who don't learn that lesson when their children are young.  :-)

So, no matter how hard it is or how many times the teacher scolds me, I will persevere!  And by next year I pray this lesson has been learned by him.....for me I think it is going to take a little longer.

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Angela said...

"We all know what happens to kids who don't learn that lesson when they are young. They learn it later and in a much harder way!"

I cannot stress enough how correct you are on this point! Good Job!