Friday, February 1, 2008

Tired of saying goodbye

Another friend moving (this time to Tennessee);
Another tearful good-bye.
Yes!! We will stay in touch.
Yes!! We will always be friends;
But it won't be the same.
We won't be sharing our everyday lives.
We will get to see each other, but only occasionally.

Am I selfish for feeling this way?
After all, the friends that move have a bigger adjustment.
They have to make new friends, find new favorite places;
Grow new roots.
Not an easy task I imagine.
But those of us left behind have an adjustment too;
Learning how to adapt, to change (not my favorite thing);
To live everyday life without these special connections.

Sometimes I wish that I lived in a simpler time.
Maybe the 50's or 60's when people were more likely to stay put;
When society wasn't so mobile, so transient.
All I know is that I'm tired of saying goodbye.


Jennifer C said...

who's moving???

Holly said...

from one who would know and just to validate your feelings - it is ALWAYS harder to be the one left behind - it really is. I'm so sorry but hey, we get to spend eternity together right? at least, that's what I say to help myself sometimes!