Sunday, March 9, 2008


On Friday afternoon, when it was time to go and pick up Claremarie, I called for Camden to come up from the basement where I thought he was playing. He didn't come up which usually means that he is doing something he shouldn't be or that he has fallen asleep. I went down to get him and I couldn't find him anywhere. All of the usual hiding places were empty. He wasn't laying on the bed or in the chair asleep. I was standing in the middle of the basement trying to decide where to look and while I was doing that I decided to put Geordi in his kennel. As I bent down to open the door, I noticed a tuft of blond hair. Camden was curled up in a ball, fast asleep, in Geordi's kennel. Sorry I don't have a picture of it. I laughed so hard that I woke him up. His explanation of why he crawled in the kennel was that he needed a warm place to sleep.


Jennifer C said...

Hilarious! He is too cute!:)

melanie said...

what a cutie! i cannot believe how big he is getting--amazing! i'm surprised he still fit in the kennel . . .

Robyn said...

Dog kennel: $25
Dog tags: $50
Finding son sleeping in said kennel,