Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Morning

I'm taking a break from one of my least favorite tasks in the world......sorting toys in our basement, which is basically just a big playroom. I know some of you intellectuals will be saying in a sarcastic tone, "Wow! This is a really interesting post Sher." But I also know a lot of you will be empathizing with me all day, wondering if I've finished sorting blocks from pretend food from little people from cars. Why oh why did we buy a 300 piece fake food set? Why did we buy a Thomas the Train ball pit with hundreds of balls? How can I get half of this junk up to the trash can without any children noticing???? Hope you are having a more exciting Monday than me!!!


Jennifer C said...

You are doing what I have been avoiding all day. You are my inspiration to do what I need to do...enter the pit we affectionately call out "play room." :)

The Millers said...

That's my other "fav" task other than going through their clothes! We have a nice thrift store here that they can't buy any more toys unless they pick out some to get rid of!