Thursday, May 2, 2013


They come every year, like a wonderful house guest.....

A house guest whose visit you look forward to all year long,

A house guest who never overstays their welcome,

A house guest who for the few short days they visit, delights all of your senses.

The first thing I did when I moved into this house was plant three lilac bushes. I'm not exactly sure why I love them so much. When I was young an elderly neighbor lady had some in her yard and every year when they bloomed they were so pretty and smelled so good. My Grandma had several enormous bushes in her yard also. When we were apartment dwellers in Minnesota, every spring I would grab my scissors, a vase, and Sam and we would hunt for a lilac bush on public land where I could snip a few blossoms to enjoy for the few days they would last.

This year the freakish weather has pretty much fried all the lilac buds.

It won't seem like spring without them.

Until next year......