Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Never say Never!!

It finally happened. I gave in and said yes to getting a dog. It is not just any dog though. We got him from some friends who moved and couldn't take him with them, so he is somewhat of a known quantity. His name is Geordie. He is a 5 year old Maltese who is already house trained and is very obedient overall. I know some of you are probably in shock reading this because I had vowed to never have a house pet but our kids love dogs and I finally just couldn't say no anymore. Someday you think I would learn, "Never say never!!"

There is somewhat of a learning curve as neither Sam nor I have ever had a house dog. I have asked a lot of questions and yes, have been mocked by some for my ignorance but I will persevere into this new world of being a pet owner!!!


The Myatt Fam said...

look at that cool lookin dog! some family must be very sad to have lost him. :)

The Myatt Fam said...

question: are you still frying his brain with hours of tv??