Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's Hannah Time

For the last week it has been all Hannah (Montana) all the time around our house and also in Omaha. Sam said even at Menards all the adults were talking about it. It was a great show, kind of like watching high school musical live. We had pretty good seats. For those of you familiar with the Qwest, we were sitting in the first row of the upper level in the middle of the venue. The show was very family friendly. I especially appreciated the fact that Hannah/Miley and all her dancers wore very modest clothing all night. They all changed about 10 times and I think the most racy it got was sleeveless. Claremarie has been so excited about going. Even though Camden loves Hannah too we decided to let Claremarie invite her friend Lauren. (Camden was fine. He got to play with his friend Ben all night.) Sam and I also went. There were so many little girls and a surprising number of boys as well. The Jonas Brothers were first (another Disney creation) then Miley came out for awhile followed by Hannah Montana and then Miley closed down the show. The Hannah portion of the show was definitely the most popular. Claremarie and Lauren loved the lights, fireworks, and confetti at the end. All in all a very fun night.

Before we went to the show, we gave them both Hannah t-shirts that I got at Younkers, face tattoos and hair glitter (from Nobbies). On the way to the concert we let them open little gift bags that had a Hannah activity book, Hannah rings (Nobbies) and glow bracelets and necklaces. This saved us a lot of time (no standing in line to purchase things at the concert) and money (t-shirts were $30-50 and glow necklaces were $10, I paid less than $25/per kid for everything). The girls loved everything. Claremarie has been telling everyone that the concert was "AWESOME".

Everyone keeps asking how we got tickets and how much we paid. Even though I feel that the latter is kind of a personal question I also don't want everyone thinking we spent hundreds of dollars for the tickets. So, we got the tickets in the presale by having a free, temporary membership in the Miley Cyrus fan club and they were $40.00 a piece.


charjoy said...

I've been anxious to read about the Hannah Montana night! Sounds like the girls had an absolutely glorious time. That was such a good idea to get things ahead of time and let them have the fun of dressing up-- getting to do it together was half the fun I'm sure! Such cute pictures!

The Millers said...

McKellyn says, "Hi, Clairmarie, I like your shirt and tatoos. Someone asked me if we watched Hananh Montana, but we have only seen a little bit of it on TV."

Melanie said...

hey park family, i'm glad you had such a great night at the show. LOVE the pictures. zoe is very jealous. maybe someday will be her turn. claremarie, you look beautiful!

The Hofers said...

What a fun night for the girls! They will remember that night as adults...."remember that night we spent at the Hannah Montana concert?" Really Sherilyn, taking the girls was an excuse to go yourself....fess up. :)

Jennifer C said...

It looks like you had such a fun night! What an awesome mommy and daddy you have for taking you to such a fun concert! You are such a beautiful young grown up. Maybe someday you can come and visit us in Texas.:) Say hi to Camden and give him a big hug from me.
Jackson, Mackenzie and Tucker's Mommy :)

Holly said...

ok, I'm jealous (but don't tell anyone!)

Robyn said...

Looks like everyone had a great time at the concert. Wish we could have gone, too!!!
Do you have any pics from that night of Miley/Hannah on stage? If so, tell mom to email them to me. My boys would love to see her.
Next time, tell mom I'll be your chaperone. :-)