Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Geordi

Some of you have asked how it is going with our adopted dog, Geordi. He is doing pretty well. He has not had an accident in the house for about 2 months so we are glad for that especially since it has been so cold. My parents were here this weekend and thought he looked fat so he may have to go on a diet soon. We have learned a lot about dogs in the last 6 months and believe me when I say this, our learning curve was huge!!! Our two most important lessons have been that if we don't want to hear him gnawing on his toenails in the middle of the night we need to regularly have them trimmed and if we don't want him to lick our faces at 4am, to wake us up, so we can let him out, we need to limit his water in the evening. Other than that he has adjusted quite well since the Myatt's entrusted him to us. Today is his birthday. He is six years old (which I guess means 42). Happy Birthday Geordi!!


charjoy said...

What a neat doggie birthday cake. Geordi looks like he wants a big piece!! Did he blow out some candles??

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Geordi! You are such a good dog.

melanie said...

how did you know it was his birthday? we never knew. he really is blessed to have owners like you!!

thanks for taking such good care of him and making him yours!

(i AM going to call you--soon!)