Thursday, October 9, 2008


Tonight the doorbell rang and I went to answer it and the man said, "Hi, I'm from the Obama campaign for change and hope and I would like to talk to Sam Park." I opened my mouth to say, "Oh, what is BO going to change other than make America into a socialist nation?" but then thought the better of it and just said, "Sam's not here." Sam was so disappointed in me. Oh well. It didn't seem worth it and judging by the short amount of time he spent on our street he wasn't finding many willing listeners.

We are off for the weekend (to my cousin's wedding-Yeah, Claremarie gets to be in it!! More about that when we get back.) and some of the week for a little mini vacation. I'm looking forward to being "unplugged" for a few days so that means no computer (I'm going to miss that especially facebook. For some reason Sam doesn't think Facebook is enough to warrant me needing a laptop!) and no news (I will not miss this!). To those I owe e-mails to I'm sorry I will hook up with you when I get back and to those who desperately need to reach me try my cell.

Have a great week!


Robyn said...

Lucky us--he didn't make it over to our house---or we weren't home. Have fun and post pics of your adorable kiddos at the wedding.

Angela said...

It's interesting that he only wanted to speak to your husband.

He didn't want to try and speak to you too or am I misreading?

I should put my "Nebraska for Sarah Palin" sign out in my front yard so they will pass my house by.