Monday, November 29, 2010


Dear Justice, JC Penney, Dillards, Younkers, Children's Place and Claire's (feel free to insert your favorite children's store here),

Does everything in your store have to have the peace sign on it?  I'm all for hoping, wishing, and praying for world peace.  I mean come one now....who doesn't want that?  Will we get it quicker if the peace emblem is plastered all over the notebooks and earrings, and sweat pants, and brushes, and sweaters, and coats, and pillowcases and....well everything you sell at your store? 

Also, could you please ask your salespeople not to look at someone like they are a two-headed monster when they ask, "Can I get this without the peace sign on it?"  or "Point me in the direction of something, anything that doesn't have the peace sign on it?"  I already feel enough like a fish out of water when shopping in the tweeny-boppers section, surrounded by glitter and fur and all things sparkly.  I don't need "Tiffany" looking at me like I'm the daughter of Hitler. 

Thanks for listening and if possible could I get something by Christmas??



Rhonda said...

Funny blog post!!! Thanks for making me lol.

Nicole Crawford said...


Anonymous said...

Even this old fogey grandma is laughing. I guess, maybe because I'm a child of the 60's...and I relate. (But I must admit...a couple of my Christmas presents do have the peace sign on them.)
Peace be with you. :)
Claudia Gille