Friday, September 16, 2011


1.  If you watch TV, what show are you most looking forward to starting again?

2.  What's the worst movie you've ever seen? 

3.  What is your dream vacation?

4.  In your opinion, what is the single greatest issue our country is facing right now?

5.  Do you think the Huskers should wear black pants with their uniforms? 

(Did you notice what I did there.....dropped a heavy weight question on you and then went right back to light?? ;-)

Have a great weekend!!

Maybe sometime I'll actually write a real post again.......


sotawalkers said...

1. Hands down, GREY"S ANATOMY
2. The Notebook - took the dvd out and broke it in half. : (
3. 2 weeks - Bali followed by 2 more weeks - Turks and Caicos.
4. The economy/jobs
5. Yes

Divapalooza said...

1. Not sure ?
2. Not sure ?
3. Hawaii
4. Giving Obama the Boot!
5. Yes

Rhonda said...

1. Hawaii Five O and The Mentalist.
2. Legends of the Fall
3. Hawaii or Alaska or both
4. Spending-Spending-Spending. Too many govt programs.
5. No. I like the traditional white with red stripes.

Clarebear said...
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Clarebear said...

1. Biggest Loser and Amazing Race

2. G Force

3. Hawaii

4. longer and more recess in schools

5. It would be cool.

Sam said...

1. Survivor

2. Nick and Nora's playlist

3. remote all inclusive resort. Sun , waves and food.

4. if Nebraska should wear black pants when they play Wisconsin

5. Seems like every time we have worn non traditional uniforms in the past we have lost. So based on that I would say no. Although if they came out in black helmets, jerseys and pants, that would be really cool.

Angie said...


2. Ground Hog Day (Although Rhonda brought back some bad memories of Legends of the Fall).

3. NOT Hawaii! ;)

4. Economy

5. Never thought about it before, so probably not.

Anonymous said...

1. Not much of a T.V. watcher
2. A Man Name Pearl - documentary - don't ask
3. Prince Edward Island
4. Disintegration of family
5. No - I'm a traditionalist. ;)