Monday, June 11, 2012


It was birthday central around here all weekend. We had a candy theme (idea from Pinterest) with everything in blue and green (Claremarie's choice). Pinterest is great for me as I'm not a great innovator but I am a pretty good imitator.

Here is the birthday girl on her last night as an 11 year old.

The crepe paper wall was a great way to add lots of color while not spending a lot of money. (When doing this party it is best to save your money for is EXPENSIVE!)!

Lollipops...I made mine out of pvc pipe, balloons (wish they would have been a little rounder), a plastic bag such as you would place over a gift basket, and ribbon. 

The taffy skewers and dum dum tree both added lots of color!

The cake was specially requested by Claremarie.  It was a great fit for the theme and a big hit with the girls but it did have a lot of candy on it.  We modified it for the family party where there were more adults than kids.  Here is where I found the directions for this cake. 

I was a little worried that this idea might be a little young for 12 year olds but that fear quickly subsided when I heard the squeals, and yes I do mean squeals, of delight when the girls saw the candy buffet. 

Between supper at The Genji House, minute to win it games, karaoke, and the candy buffet I think Claremarie and her friends had a fun evening and a hopefully a great memory was made.


Gma said...

It was a lovely and fun party! You did a GREAT job with all the "candy" decorations!

melanie said...

sherilyn! that looks so awesome. what an amazing and wonderful mother you are! i hope my girls turn out as loving and mature as claremarie is!

The Farmer's Wife said...

That is WAY cute!!!

Hilary said...

LOVED your party decorations. I will not be showing this post to Lauren anytime soon. We can't take any chances on her expecting anything other then cake and a balloon or two :) So sorry we didn't have time to see you while in Omaha. Made a quick 24 hour trip to the zoo, Red robin and Jills and back home. I did drive by your house hoping you might be outside, but the menards truck was the only thing outside :) Hope your summer is going well! Hilary