Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 23

Day 23

Happy Christmas Adam!

Today we continue one of our very favorite traditions that we started a couple of years ago. I really can't remember where I got the idea.....if it was from you then you can comment and claim it, but someone/something gave me the idea to give secret santa (call them whatever you want to santa haters) gifts out on this night. This is our third year of anonymously blessing people in our neighborhood. We usually give some kind of sweet treat or gift card to people who have shown some kindness or blessed us in some way.  This year we chose people in houses who go all out in their Christmas light decorating with music and everything. The kids were a little nervous about going up to the doors but after one positive interaction they found it to be quite fun.

Pardon the poor quality of photo but at least you get the idea.

It really is better to give than receive!! 

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