Friday, June 22, 2012


Sometimes people are so kind to your child that it takes you by surprise. 

Even though she can't play, CM has been to almost all of her team's softball games, including their first tournament game.  One of the coaches had this t-shirt made up for her and really made a big deal out of her coming to the games. His thoughtfulness really meant a lot to her and to us.  What he didn't know was that last night, before leaving for the game, she was so upset about not getting to play.  There were tears.  The recognition of her support of the team really took the sting out of not getting to play.   

Cranberry is the nick name one of her coaches gave her.

Monday, June 11, 2012


It was birthday central around here all weekend. We had a candy theme (idea from Pinterest) with everything in blue and green (Claremarie's choice). Pinterest is great for me as I'm not a great innovator but I am a pretty good imitator.

Here is the birthday girl on her last night as an 11 year old.

The crepe paper wall was a great way to add lots of color while not spending a lot of money. (When doing this party it is best to save your money for is EXPENSIVE!)!

Lollipops...I made mine out of pvc pipe, balloons (wish they would have been a little rounder), a plastic bag such as you would place over a gift basket, and ribbon. 

The taffy skewers and dum dum tree both added lots of color!

The cake was specially requested by Claremarie.  It was a great fit for the theme and a big hit with the girls but it did have a lot of candy on it.  We modified it for the family party where there were more adults than kids.  Here is where I found the directions for this cake. 

I was a little worried that this idea might be a little young for 12 year olds but that fear quickly subsided when I heard the squeals, and yes I do mean squeals, of delight when the girls saw the candy buffet. 

Between supper at The Genji House, minute to win it games, karaoke, and the candy buffet I think Claremarie and her friends had a fun evening and a hopefully a great memory was made.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Today was the day. She finally got to ride shotgun.
Yes....I'm one of those stickler parents who actually obeyed the instructions on the airbag.  You know the ones that say don't let your kids ride in the front seat until they are 12.  She was so excited to make the move.  I had almost caved so many times and let her ride up front but today seeing her excitement over something so little made me glad I had waited. 

Sometimes it is just the little things.......

Friday, June 1, 2012


First Day

Last Day

Hard to believe another school year is done.........