Friday, March 29, 2013


This kid seems to get the short end of the stick on a lot of things. He is the younger child in our family so that means he has to come along to many, many of his big sister's events.  It also means that he doesn't get to do a lot of the things we did with big sis when she was his age. 

For example, there are signs all over our corner of Omaha about all the Easter egg hunts that will be held tomorrow morning at 10am.  CM has a volleyball game then so we won't be able to take him to any of them.  I don't think there was an Easter egg hunt, a Halloween trick or treat, a clown/face painting event or any kid's activity that we didn't go to with her.  I think I equated being a good mom with doing everything I could to expand CM's horizons.

With some maturing of my mothering skills, I have realized that it isn't really the quantity of things you do but rather the quality of time you spend with your kids that makes the difference.  (Each of my kids' love languages are time and positive affirmation-For more on that go here). 

I'm also praying that it all evens out on the other side when CM leaves the nest and Cam has 4 years of one on one time with his parents. 

Of course it might look pretty silly when we are taking him to Easter egg hunts when he is 16...........


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Debbie said...

It appears that Camden is surviving! You guys are great parents. Good post!