Saturday, August 18, 2007


Today Claremarie and I enjoyed our annual Girls Day Out. Last year I decided that every year before school starts just her and I will do something fun together. (I remember one year my mom took each of us kids out separately to buy school clothes and eat lunch together. It has always been a special memory.) Last year we had manicures, did lunch, and of course, shopping. This year we went to a paint your own pottery place and to lunch. We had a good time. Claremarie always hears me talking about going to Wheatfield's with my friends so she wanted to go there. She ordered the kid's cheese fondue platter with a shirley temple to drink. The cupcake in the picture was her dessert.

You can see Camden's repsonse to being left at home in the picture below. Sam and Camden enjoyed some dude time including haircuts and watching an old NE football game on TV.

My hope is that Claremarie will remember these fun times when she is older instead of some of my less than stellar mom moments. This hasn't been the greatest week with the kiddos as Sam had to work almost every night, Camden is potty training and Claremarie had a minor health problem. Those things combined with the excessive heat made for some cranky times on everyone's part. That is not to say we didn't have any fun this week. Camden passed his first swimming class so he will be able to move on to Level 1. We made it to the pool once and the splash park once to keep cool and we got to go to the Amazing Pizza Machine one night with some friends. I guess the key is to focus on the good and forget the bad which is what I hope my kids will be able to do also!!


The Horners said...

Thanks for your post on our blog. I didn't realize you had one for your family too! We are also potty training. Ugh! My biggest success with Jacob has been the no pants approach, but I don't think they let you go to preschool like that! Hopefully he will have it down by next year. Katie

Holly said...

seriously, look at those are doing an awesome job!