Saturday, August 11, 2007


I haven't posted all week because I've been busy helping at a conference at our church called the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. It is for leaders of all walks of life. There are speakers and some music. It is actually held in Chicago and then sent all around the country via satellite. Some of the speakers included Colin Powell, Former congressman Floyd Flake, and Jimmy Carter (we were supposed to focus on him as a person and a leader not on him as a politician!!) As a volunteer we got to listen to all the sessions. My favorite speakers were a man, who used to work for Gallup, named Marcus Buckingham (he talked about building up our strengths not our weaknesses) and Carly Fiorina who used to be the CEO of HP. The most surprising interview was one that was with a filmmaker named Richard Curtis (Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral). He has a passion to make films about the happiness of being in love and he also raises money for people with AIDS and people in poverty. The content of this conference was exceptional. I really hope Sam can go next year! Anyway, I am tired after 4 days but I will look back on the time fondly because I got the chance to get to know some people at our church who I have never really been around before.


The Myatt Fam said...

hey, sher! (this is bill.) ...glad you liked the summit and especially that you were able to set aside your political bias -- i mean conviction! -- to hear what jimmy c had to say. :)

we love you and miss you. and i love the blog.

Holly said...

I agree, the summit was AMAZING...
wish I could have seen more of you but maybe next year we'll have to volunteer together!