Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Giant

Yesterday I picked Camden up and hugged him and he tightly wrapped his little arms around my neck and said, "Mom, someday I'm going to grow up and be a giant and then you won't be able to pick me up like this anymore." I started to pretend cry (on the inside my heart really was crying) and he said, "When I am a giant you can't cry about it."

It has been a rough couple of weeks with the kiddos (due to illness and sleeping issues) but moments like that help keep me going.

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melanie said...

sher--hope you had a happy birthday (will you post any pics?). wish i could have been there.

know what you mean about the kids growing--tate has two teeth coming in and every time i see them, i feel so depressed. then i try to imagine him never getting teeth and realize how embarrassing and distressing that would be.