Monday, November 26, 2007


Question of the Day:
Camden: Mom, can you teach me how to run like a pilgrim?
Mom: What?
(If any of you have any ideas on this one please let me know!!)

Encouraging story of the Day:
Claremarie told me that today one of her friends got hurt on the playground. She said that after they took her into the office to get ice she and three of her friends stood in a circle and said a prayer for her. I was glad to hear this because this morning Claremarie was disappointed that I wasn't going to Moms In Touch (a group of moms who gets together and prayers for the requests of the school). I think she thought that meant I wouldn't be praying for her today. I told her that even if I don't go I am constantly praying for her. We discussed the verse "Pray without ceasing" and what that means. I also told her that we can all pray anytime, anywhere. It is good to know that sometimes things do sink in!!!

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