Thursday, June 26, 2008


The little steps on the road to independence are coming fast and furious this week............

Step 1: We are just finishing up with swimming lessons and we went to the pool to practice the other night. Claremarie wanted to jump off the high dive and so I said you can't because you can't swim across the pool without stopping yet. She promptly did so and there came my dilemma. Do I let her try it or do I think of another obstacle for her to overcome? We ended up letting her do it so now she is an official member of the "I can jump off the high dive" club.

Step 2: She is now starting to think that maybe she likes the name Clare better than Claremarie. WHAT? Doesn't she understand the thought and planning that went into choosing her name? More than that doesn't she know that you can't have two one syllable names together (i.e. Clare Park)?? :-)

Step 3: Last but not least, I finally gave in and let her get her ears pierced. She had been asking for quite a while and so we went ahead and let her do it. (By the way, did you know it costs $40.00 to get your ears pierced now? I was expecting it to cost $10-15.)

I'm holding on but the road is getting a little scary!


Robyn said...

I'm sooooo not ready for my baby girl to grow up!!! Keep us posted as you navigate the roads!

The Millers said...

McK just made us a list of "Sure you can do..." all the things she's dreaming of that would be approved by us. Yikes it is all going so fast. I'm not ready!!!!