Monday, June 2, 2008


Our week......

A two day garage sale,
A friend's birthday party,
Swim lesson registration (yes, this is hard),
First day of tennis (Claremarie),
First day of t-ball (Camden),
Adventureland (Sam and Sherilyn....just kidding. I guess we'll take the kids.),
Decorate 48 cupcakes and one dog birthday cake (which must look just like our dog??)
Claremarie's "friend" birthday party at BounceU,
Claremarie's "family" birthday party at the Park homestead,
Claremarie's golden birthday,
and then pack both the kids up and ship them off to the Grandparents for 5 days!!


Holly said...

I'd have to say that my week was similar actually. - have a fun five days!!!!

melanie said...

amazing--you go girl. i have been talking to someone else about the weeks after tate was born--preparing the house to sell, leaving random times for showings and finding out where we would be for the next stage of life. a wild ride--but your's is a close second!

The Hofers said...

Don't forget to breathe. ;) Sounds like a fun week though!!!

Jennifer C said...

Yikes! Just keep thinking about those 5 days of rest! Have a great week! Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

And the Grandparents are shouting Yeah, too. We are so excited to have them come visit and are looking forward to some fun times!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I hate to say it, but I'm enjoying some "down time" with one less activity during the day--SCHOOL!!!

Anonymous said...

the above sent from Angela (aka One Busy Mom)