Monday, November 17, 2008


I turned 40 on Sunday. There I said it. Well, I didn't actually say it I just typed it. Is that close enough? Is it bad that I've been a little sad about it? Is it bad that I feel like in all actuality many of my best years are gone (yes I know I still have good years left)? Is it bad that I've actually checked into getting botox? (It costs A LOT!!!). As one of my birthday cards said, "You are on the 40 yard line. There's a lot of game left BUT halftime is getting close."

I've always had a hard time with the decade birthdays starting with 20. It is not really the age that bothers me. I think it is just the passing of time that I have to mourn a little each decade. This one seems especially hard to accept but I suppose it is just a pride thing as I'm one of the first to turn this age amongst my friends and 40 just seems to move one up into a different age category.

There have been some fun things about turning this age. The month started with an awesome shopping trip (arranged by Sam) to Kansas City with 6 friends (no kids allowed). It was so much fun to shop, eat meals someone else cooked without worrying about kids, talk, laugh, relax, and just get away from it all. We were only gone two days but it was a wonderful break for me and I hope for everyone else. Thanks ladies. You are the best!! When can we go again??? Mall of America here we come.................

This last weekend my sister and parents along with some help from Sam planned a party for me with my family. There were about 40 (that wasn't planned) people there to help me celebrate (commiserate) my landmark birthday. My sister did a great job with the arrangements and a fun time was had by all. Thanks Rhonda, Sam, Mom and Dad!! One especially nice thing that my mom did for me was to make a scrapbook with lots of baby pictures and many other old photos of my growing up years. It was so fun to look back and remember things I had forgotten.

When we got home from the party Sam gave me my present which was a laptop with lots of bells and whistles. That has been a fun distraction and will keep me busy for awhile. Hey, it takes us old folks a while to learn new things.


Nicole said...

You ARE too sexy to be 40. Glad you had a good weekend and that you can now blog anywhere.

Thanks for breaking in 40. I'm right behind you.

Angela said...

I'm not far behind you!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Turning 30 was the hardest for me and now that I look back on that I don't understand why.

I don't think getting older is going to bother me as much as turning 30 did.

I will be 40 in March of 2010.

What a great birthday present from your DH! AWESOME!

Jennifer C said...

Happy Birthday friend!! I wish I could have been there to help you celebrate! Big points for Sam for giving such an awesome gift! Once you have a laptop there is no going will love it!:)

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a nice party. Sounds like great gifts from Sam! Any chance you're going to be posting any pictures from the party?