Friday, November 7, 2008

RANDOM THOUGHTS (and pictures)

My mind has been spinning since Tuesday and I will probably have to process but not tonight........

We are heading to Lincoln for the FB game tomorrow. It will be cold but when it's cold they have really good hot chocolate. Hope the game is a good one. Don't think I can take another loss so soon after Tuesday.

Tonight was the big High School Musical 3 viewing. It was OK but not as good as the first one. (Claremarie like this one best. Sam liked 2 the best.) Sam didn't even get to see the last 30 mins. because Camden decided that since he hasn't had one for months it was just the perfect time to throw a huge tantrum.

We got some Christmas shopping done today for the kids. The goal is to have all shopping done by December 1st.

Any of you who are not on facebook need to check it out. It is so fun to connect with old friends. I really have to be careful not to spend too much time on it because it can be quite a time waster.

This week at school another girl told Claremarie that she was so random. She gets that from me. Who wants to be predictable???

Have a good weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

Done with shopping by Dec.1st??? I hope to get started by then! Or maybe the day after Thanksgiving!
I'm still enjoying all 3 of those cute Halloween costumes!!