Thursday, April 30, 2009


Finally the grand reveal. It took a lot longer than we thought it would (doesn't everything?) but we think it turned out pretty well. Claremarie did have a little trouble understanding why it was taking longer than it does on Extreme Home Makeover. We tried to explain that mom and dad do have some other responsibilities. The inspiration for the room came from the comforter on the bed, kind of an Arabian nights theme I guess. Sam built the loft and I painted the walls. The wall color is hopscotch heather (lavender). The border at the top is razzmatazz (magenta). The loft is painted Daphne rose (lilac).

Although it was bittersweet when Claremarie asked if we could change her room from the pink and white striped walls and the butterfly comforter to something else, I have to say the room re-do does reflect more the tastes of a tween. (Is almost 9 a tween or is it still a kid? I'm not sure of the definition.)
Her personality has developed more dimension. Her relationships have become more complex. Her company has become more rich. Now all of these things are reflected in the colors and design of her new room.

Now onto the next project.....aliens for Camden???


Janny said...

COOL!! Can I have a room redo?
According to our vocab book a tween is someone between the ages of 9 and 12.

Sherilyn said...

So I guess that means I have a pre-tween for the next month. :-)

Jennifer C said...

So cute! Great job!:)

Rhonda said...

Love the new room. I might have to hire you and Sam for some projects around my place.

Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures of the kids! I also love the loft bed with all of the shelves. How cool is that!


Robyn said...

OK, I'm behind on reading blogs. But---oh my goodness--could the room be any cuter?!?!? I want one just like it...but maybe more purple...ok, I have a purple room but always wanted a loft with desk under it.

Too cool!!!