Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We know the show is actually about 5th graders but around here we have entered the world of homework this year. YIKES!! It has been a long time since I've done homework (13 years to be exact and that was just grad school-nothing like 4th grade!!).

Claremarie is an awesome kid. She is sweet, thoughtful, helpful, funny..... However, when it comes to homework, she is easily distracted and doesn't really pay too much attention to what she is doing. I suppose it is because she is so highly intelligent this 4th grade drivel doesn't really interest her. Seriously though, it is highly frustrating. I'm losing hair quicker than a middle-aged man.

This really is our first year to experience homework. Before she has always been able to get her work done at school. But now, every night, we sit at the table and many times, one or both of us wind up in tears. Half the time I'm not even sure what the teacher is asking for and for some reason Claremarie can't explain it to me. One night I helped her with a paper and the next night she came home and said she got several of the questions wrong. What?? Please don't tell me that I, as the mom, am already obsolete as of 4th grade!!! If that's the case the next 9 years are going to be long and dreary!!

Sam and I are very frustrated because we were good students and school came easily for us. Not sure this is going to be the case for Claremarie. You may wonder exactly how bad she is doing....she is....well, just average. She isn't the smartest kid in her class (and she really doesn't care-now that is a foreign concept for both Sam and I) and she isn't the least smartest kid in her class. She seems to be one of those kids who is just content with getting by. She is not internally motivated and she doesn't thrive on the competition with the other kids. Have I done something to make her like that? Is this something I can live with for the rest of her educational career?

When it comes right down to it, is this about Claremarie or about me? Who is her "averageness" really hurting? I'm the one worrying about how this all reflects back on me and wondering what other people think of her and me. I'm finding it hard to even share this issue on the blog. PRIDE....it is an ugly word and something I am definitely struggling with in this area. Struggling so hard that sometimes I find myself taking it out on Claremarie. That absolutely CAN NOT continue.

So, if you are looking for me in the next 9 years, I'll be the hairless mom, sitting at the kitchen table, swallowing my pride, pursing my lips to keep my mouth shut, and hoping and praying that the answers are in the back of the book!!!


Jenny said...

Oh, I can so identify. I cared a great deal about getting straight A's, and it's a challenge with a child/ren who have different motivations. I think one big difference today is that school is a LOT harder than when we were in 4th grade (we never had homework!). I wish I had advice for you, friend. Just continue to love her as you already do!

melanie said...

we are entering our third year of homework! and one or both of us always ends up in tears as well (unless i can finagle a way to get bill to help her instead of me). i don't know what to tell you. just keep fighting the battle not to project yourself on to her--and i'll be right there with you!

Sam said...

YIKES! a hairless wife.

Becky said...

Sherlyn, You need to talk to Kristi and Alesha. I don't know if they have any answers but they can sure relate to this. Kris and Alesha have both had a hard time getting Roper and Cooper to do homework or school work but they thought that maybe part of it was because they were boys. Love your cousin Becky