Friday, September 18, 2009


My heart is heavy today thinking of a friend who is facing something very difficult. For the complete story please check out her blog Long story short she is going into the hospital to deliver her precious baby today, a baby that the doctors have said will probably not survive delivery. Please stand with me in praying to the God of impossibilities that despite the odds, Evie will survive. And if God does choose to take Evie home, then please pray for Lindsey and her family. Thanks friends.


Angela (I am Pooped) said...

Isn't it amazing how God knows what's best and that WE have no idea what the deal is?

How Awesome is His Faithfulness. How lucky are we not to have all the answers?

You heard that the baby was eating and sleeping right? That's what I heard. I'm just waiting for their next post and/or updating.

Our God is an AWESOME God!!!

And even if it had not turned out what the way that we thought it would go how AWESOME is He to know what is in our best interests.

I'm just super happy right now and can not wait for that next update.

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing this, Sherilyn. What an awesome story and outcome!