Friday, June 18, 2010


Just under the wire....

Don't be a party pooper....if you read these play along....put your answers in the comment section!!

1. UFOs......fact or fiction?
2. What is the best way you have found (or think you would try) to stop kids from fighting?
3. Do you shoot off your own fireworks or watch a display somewhere?
4. Do you wake up to an alarm or music?
5. Where do you get most of your news?

Happy Weekend everyone!!


Sherilyn said...

1. I have never seen one but I thought I did once. (It turned out to be a big moon but that is a story for a later post.)
2. Nothing I've tried works very well....that's why I'm asking!!
3. We usually do some of both.
4. Alarm....used to wake up to music but I kept subconsciously incorporating it into my dreams and wasn't waking up so had to switch.

The Millers said...

!. No, they're all experimental spy planes! And we know experimental planes have to fly many hours before they can carry passengers!
2. I separate them to different rooms and remind them how bored they'd be if they didn't have each other.
3. Depends who we celebrate with! I love the 4th, and love going to watch the big shows, but I'm married to someone who hates crowds and being stuck in traffic after the show.
4. First music when my hubby has to get up, then an alarm when I have to get up, but usually my alarm is my two year old yelling "Mommy!"
5. My husband asks if I've heard...

Ryan and Katie said...

1. No UFO's
2. Give them alone, quiet time in their rooms every day not as a punishment but as a way to try and prevent the fights.
3. Both
4. Alarm on run days...don't like it, this morning my human alarm, Zac, woke me up at 8:30!!
5. What news? Sorry, Sherilyn!

Rhonda said...

1. UFOs - probably fiction, but a girl can dream right?
2. Not sure on this one.
3. I like to do both.
4. alarm
5. newspaper, drudge, and fox news

Sam said...

1. Fiction. That is what they told me to tell you if anyone asked.

2. I like to set them on the couch together, hold hands and say nice things about each other.

3. I love lighting them off and making a show, but it usually makes me sick to my stomach to think how much money just went up in smoke.

4.Used to be music till my wife got tired of me doing the worm to the shower.


Melody Glenn said...

1. Fiction
2. We are big "property rights" people (everything belongs to someone and that have total control over that object) and that solves a lot of it. Other than that we recite Phil 2:3-4
3. Set off our own...jeff loves to blow things up!
4. Alarm...either electonic or preschooler
5. Drudge

Nicole Crawford said...

1. Fiction - although I'm not cruising through too many allies. :)
2. I would like the key to unlock this mystery myself. Would it also take care of all wrestling and inappropriate conversations? I do like to send them outside so they can work it out but I don't have to listen to it.
3. Shoot our own. Last year was the first year the boys could handle the noise.
4. Alarm+snooze+snooze+snooze
5. Rich for breaking news and my sister, Charity, for celebrity news and weather.

melanie said...

1. i'll go with fiction.

2. send them all to separate places--but i'm definitely trying sam's plan next time!

3. watching--the setting off ourselves makes me nervous and oh, the money!

4. what alarm? i dream of having to use an alarm!

5. wgn radio or local am tv news if lilianna eats between 5-7.