Friday, June 25, 2010


If you read these play along....put your answers in the comment section!! Thanks to those of you who have fun with is great reading your awesome answers!!
1. My mom has been here all week and I finally talked her into reading The Shack so I would like to know....What are you reading right now?
2. What "thing" would be most offensive to you if you found it in your house?
3. If you have one...what is the standard baby gift you give?
4. What would you do if you didn't have to/want to work?
5. Where in the world have you been that you thought was paradise?


Sherilyn said...

1. The Help by Kathryn Stockett and Catch a Rising Star by Tracey Bateman

2. Definitely a snake...they don't belong inside of a house!

3. For 1st babies (or 1st boy/girl) I usually give a cute outfit in a little bit of a bigger size. For babies with older same sex siblings...usually books or toys.

4. Travel around the US in an RV.

5. I've been to some pretty nice tropical locals but I'd have to give Hawaii the 5 stars!

The Millers said...

1. I bought "Take Four" but I haven't actually opened it.
2. Critters, yes, that is true, but also food wrappers from somewhere like Hooters.
3. Clothes
4. Catch up on projects in my craftroom and travel to see family and friends
5. Bellows Beach, Windward side, Oahu and Punalu'u Black Sand Beach, the Big Island and Polihale State Park, Kauai. Guess I'm partial to Hawaii, since that's really the only place I've been!

melanie said...

i LOVE this idea--i'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond!

1. the girl with the dragon tattoo

2. cockroaches! ick.

3. mostly clothes (i loved the stuff you sent--your note is coming).

4. write?

5. my bed?

melanie said...

i meant to say that i read the help recently and LOVED it--what do you think of it?

Rhonda said...

1. The Yankee Years
2. Snake or mouse
3. Usually I just give an outfit. If it's a girl I like to by a "My first doll."
4. I would take college classes. There are so many things I want to learn about.
5. That "fourth lake" at the top of the "bear lake" trail in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Melody said...

1. Desiring God by John Piper
2. Any living thing that isn't human (I guess plants are OK)
3. Now that I am addicted to Etsy I have to find some homemade item on there.
4. Go to seminary
5. Tie between Whistler BC and Hilton Head.

Sam said...

1. George Steinbrenner biography

2. a large brown bear

3. for 1st babies (or 1st boy/girl) I usually give a cute outfit in a little bit of a bigger size. For babies with older same sex siblings...usually books or toys.

4. in the summer follow the Yankees around with my babe in our RV then the Huskers in the fall.

5. Maui

Jerry said...

1. Finger-Licking Fifteen by Janet Evanovich

2. A skunk

3. Not my department

4. Work on becoming the best couch potato I can be. Watch baseball & football & sit-coms on TV

5. Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Jane said...

1. Taste of Home magazines that I never read.
2.A cockroach is definitely something I can't stand but any critter is disgusting.
3. clothes and diapers and books
4. learn how to do some kind of craft, volunteer with church things that I can't do now.
5. I love the coast of Maine and the lighthouses but I haven't been too many places.