Friday, July 2, 2010


Happy July 4th to everyone! Hope your holiday is safe and filled with
everything that make this a great country!!

1. Besides fireworks, what is one tradition that you/your family have on the 4th?

2. What food says July 4th to you?

3. What is your favorite "patriotic" song?

4. Does going to the lake have to be a part of your 4th to make it a good holiday?

5. What is your favorite firework?


Sherilyn said...

1. We usually attend a parade.
2. Homemade ice cream
3. For traditional it has to be The Star Spangled Banner. For modern, I have always loved Lee Greenwood's I'm Proud to be an American ever since I saw him perform it live in North Platte while wearing a star spangled banner body suit! :-)
4. I would go if invited but it is not mandatory.
5. I'm a big fan of the fountains...especially the one called Happiness.

Anonymous said...

1. We make homemade ice cream.
2. Hot Dogs
3. The Star Spangled Banner
4. No
5. Like them all but especially like The Buzzing Bee


Rhonda said...

1. It just depends what day of the week the 4th falls on.
2. Uncle Sam Cake/ homemade ice cream
3. Battle Hymn of the Republic
4. No. I would prefer not to go to the lake.
5. Alien Explosion/ firecrackers

Jenny said...

1. I go shopping for fireworks with my dad.

2. I always love the look of the flag cake, but I've yet to actually make it!

3. America the Beautiful

4. No

5. I like the multiple shot ones. Today when shopping (with my dad, of course) we saw one called "Killer Kong." Reed desperately wanted to buy it, but it was more expensive than our entire budget!

Anonymous said...

1. Go to a parade and make homemade ice cream.
2. Eat the homemade ice cream :)
3. I like a lot of them. "God Bless America" is a great one.
4. No
5. I like the big ones that burst in the air with beautiful cascading colors!


Rhonda said...

P.S. Sherilyn, Thanks for reminding me about the concert with Lee Greenwood and the body suit. That was back when he was hip and that was quite an outfit. What I think is even funnier is that we were there with dad and Uncle Vern.

Sam said...

1. I like to put on my star spangled body suit and walk around singing "I'm proud to be an American!"

2. BBQ and home made ice cream

3. I'm proud to be an American. Born in the USA

4. Tubing behind a boat sounds like fun but not a necessity. Swimming pools seems much cleaner.

5. multiple shot, repeaters with lots of color and noise.