Friday, July 16, 2010


1. Favorite vegetable?

2. Prepared how?

3. Family them or hate them?

4. Favorite thing to do in Colorado?

This blog is going dark for a couple of back soon!


Sherilyn said...

1. Lettuce
2. Salad
3. Love them more if I actually know some of the people going to be there.
4. Alpine slide and anything mountain related.

Nicole Crawford said...

1. Asparagus
2. Roasted with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
3. I can't say love or hate. Awkward seems more appropriate - making chit-chat with distant relatives until I'm laughing with my sisters.
4. SKI!

Ryan and Katie said...

Chopped with feta cheese and Italian dressing
Hike in summer ski in winter

Debbie said...

1. Corn.
2. On the cob.
3. Love them!
4. The mountains.

Rhonda said...

1. lettuce/green beans
2. salad/ cheese and bacon
3. YES! Both sides of my family.
4 . Mountains. The taffy shop at Estes Park.

Jennifer C said...

1. Asparagus
2. Roasted with olive oil
3. Love to see family you have not seen in a long time. :)
4. Estes Park...LOVE everything about it!!

melanie said...

1. corn on the cob

2. grilled

3. hate. too much small talk...

4. skiing